Mortal Kombat Legends 2020 movie review: MK as a franchise is DEAD


Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge storyline: After the vicious slaughter of his family by stone-cold mercenary Sub-Zero, Hanzo Hasashi is exiled to the torturous Netherrealm. There, in exchange for his servitude to the sinister Quan Chi, he’s given a chance to avenge his family...

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Twipsy seen 2020-04-15

MK as a franchise is DEAD. From the restart of the game mk9 until this animation, mk only did one thing on all platforms-fried cold rice. Regardless of technology, John Tobias and Ed Boon, who wrote their own stories, parted ways as the first fighting game to introduce a plot system. The mk plot is not as good as one, and there has never been a new game character with the influence of the original trilogy. As for this film-mk1, which has been remade again, has no need to talk about it. The character creation also strives to please Ed Boon, completely abandoning the limited nuance of the scorpion in the game plot, and completely Tom Suhua. Bai Jingliu and Lin Gui's feud were supposed to be the embellishment of the central plot. The true absolute zero did not even have a line to clarify his innocence. The only thing left was the murder of Ed Boon's pro son. Well, even if you make concessions and only look at the blood plasma, the style of this film is only equivalent to the high-profile Happy Tree friends. Sorry, I laughed out loud several times.

pays all break 2020-04-14
The plot is very routine, but Mortal Kombat looks at bloody violence. The series tradition, special +1 points, it would be nice if the world view can be clearly understood, but unfortunately the live-action version cannot shoot this scale.

Bind, Torture 2020-04-13
Really, the plot is the taste of the Matrix Empire, and the bloody and refreshing fully respects the game. Everyone has show time for their signature skills and final level, that is, Thor and Johnny Cage have too few shots, looking forward to the sequel.

handsome to see read 2020-04-12
The plot is very simple, the action is pretty

m89 2020-04-15
Is there a sequel? Like the game, the world view is a little messy, but the extremely violent blood, amputated limbs, and broken bone fights, including the "Fatal Strike", are perfectly restored. This kind of bloodiness is very rare even in cartoons, I think it is enough to NC-17.


Scorpion's Revenge is at its most interesting when it focuses on the lead character and his harrowing rebirth and eventual redemption. While it's fun to see other MK heroes get their time in the spotlight, especially with the charismatic yet aloof Johnny Cage chewing the scenery, it often takes away from the film's supposed lead, Scorpion. So many characters joining the tournament with their own motivations makes for an overstuffed plot that shows off a lot of scenarios that fans have seen several times before in the games. As a result, once things kick into high gear, some impactful moments and plot threads fall flat.

Just like the video game series, the animated film puts its all into the elaborate and hyper-violent fights. The action scenes in Scorpion's Revenge are a real highlight that show off impressive animation and some slick choreography. The combat sequences are brutal and grotesque, which is in keeping with the source material. Many of the film's more intense fights are punctuated with X-Ray intercuts to show the true extent of the carnage, which is a direct nod to the recent MK games. The level of violence in the film easily stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the brutality shown off in the video games; this the most violent MK adaptation to date.

In some cases, however, the violence and the film's fun vibe can clash. Scorpion's Revenge tries to prop up the violence with humor and drama, yet together, these disparate modes feel tonally out of step. The changes in tone are most evident during the story's middle and final acts, when the film is at its most gruesome. The level of violence toes the fine line between stupidly over-the-top and just plain gross, which is a reminder that this movie isn't for the squeamish or young.