Motorised 130" Projector Screen


Can anyone recommend a good motorised screen (fixed not an option as this will be going over a 3.0 m french doors) for a lounge 6.0 x 5.5 m in size with white ceiling and magnolia walls? I have read many reviews and screen suggestions from across the pond but does not apply to the UK because of screens makers, suppliers differ.

Not sure what gain to get for my room or whether an ALR screen material would be better, I am after a 2.35.1 screen as most of my viewing will be movies.

I am thinking to get the Epson TW9400, not sure whether this is the exact one as the 6040UB that sells over the US or not, the 6040UB comes with an extra lamp and ceiling bracket.

The projector will be ceiling mounted.


I have just had a quote from a british company for a non tab tensioned screen for a screen International Compact Home Cinema Custom W x H=300x127 cm, this is made from a bright contrast 3D 0.8 screenint ALR material if I am not mistaken.

I think this will be custome made as they have quoted 6 to 8 weeks as their suppliers are not working currently, the cost of a non tab tensioned including VAT will be £1248.00 but I have asked for a quote for a tab tensioned equivalent and I'm awaiting a reply.

The price for the 133" looks very good, I should imagine this will increase the price further for ALR material.

The picture of the 133" (which is a perfect size by the way) looks like it doesn't fully retract into the housing or will this go further in.