MUZEN P5 Projector Review, MUZEN is not only good at sound


We all know MUZEN because of its small speakers, and now it has launched its own home projector. MUZEN P5 projector is a DLP display technology projection product, the appearance of the design leans towards retro style, drawing on the shape of the old projector, and audio tuned by MUZEN. Now let's see the review.

1. Appearance Design

MUZEN P5 Projector.jpg

MUZEN Inspiration P5 projector has the old projector shape, the location of the lens also match the projector, and the projector reel just made two audio. However, the size of the body is very compact, only 125mm * 73mm * 165mm in length, width and height, and weighs only 850G, which can be easily screwed up with one hand, and will not take up too much area when placed at will.

MUZEN P5 Projector Review.jpg

The color scheme of the machine leans towards creamy yellow, and there are four main elements on the side body, one is the Keep Film On text inlay, and the other three are buttons and power indicators. One of them is the on/off button, the other is the confirmation button, and the volume can be adjusted by means of a knob.

2. System

MUZEN P5 Projector system dangbei os.jpg

MUZEN P5 projector is equipped with Android smart system, with UI system is a customized version of Dangbei OS. The custom version of Dangbei OS differs significantly from the flagship version of Dangbei OS. The custom version uses a top and bottom distribution, with the top being the classification of each video channel and the bottom only being the content display. The flagship version uses a left-right distribution, as users who have read the Dangbei projector review will know.

In addition, the P5 projector supports voice interaction, with commands conveyed through the voice keys on the remote control, allowing you to find movies, check the weather, play songs, encyclopedia knowledge and more.

3. Picture and Sound

MUZEN P5 Projector picture effect.jpg

The brightness of the MUZEN P5 projector is only 300ANSI, which is not very effective in a room with more ambient light, while in a completely black environment, it can play its true picture effect.

MUZEN P5 Projector picture.jpg

As you can see the P5 projector is very colorful and the color performance is more accurate. When you look closely at the picture, you will see a few pixel dots. After all, the resolution of the P5 projector is only 854*480dpi, the larger the picture is projected, the more obvious the pixel dots will be, and we will project the picture hundreds of inches, generally recommended in about 80 inches will be more appropriate.

Sound quality is the second major advantage of the MUZEN projector. In line with its experience in audio research and development, the MUZEN projector is equipped with speakers that are also tuned byMUZEN Audio, and the original MUZEN sound brings a more immersive audio and picture experience.

4. Summary

MUZEN P5 Projector design.jpg

In terms of appearance, the MUZEN P5 projector can be described as unique, and the retro product appearance is also very attractive to young consumers. The system experience and sound effects are also unique to MUZEN projectors.