My Spy 2020 movie review: Dave Bautista vs Chloe Coleman


Director : Peter Siegel
Screenplay : Erich Hobel / Joe Hobel
Starring : Dave Batista / Chloe Coleman / Christine Schall / Zheng Ken / Parry Sha Fitz-Henry / More ...
Genre: Comedy
Country / Region: US
Language: English
Release Date: 2020-04 -17 (U.S.)


This is a warm comedy, don't watch it with rigorous logic, it's just a movie to relax when you don't want to think!

The figure of the man looks like his head is a little small, looks like my cat

The little girl's wit and the male character's low EQ are most vividly displayed, and a warm wind is used throughout, making people look very comfortable. But don't think about it all the way, don't think about why the mother likes the mother who loves the little girl, don't think why the little girl is not afraid of being monitored, don't think why the bad guys fail for some reason, everything is needed for the plot!


Ok, first of all you shouldn't have to high expectations when going into this movie, because if you do, you will probably get dissapointed...

But let's be real. If you only need a fun and simple movie, without a twistet story you need to stay focused on, then it is a fun little movie where you can just turn your brain of and enjoy it.

The story is fairly simple, sometimes even predictable, there aren't any big moments you will still remember in a few years, there is no 'real espionage action" which you might hope for and of course you could have done more with it. And I must be honest. I myself expected something a bit different from this movie in the beginning and by the trailers. But I like what it is. I can enjoy the charackters and their interactions, I can laugh at a lot of the jokes, and I can simply sit here and enjoy the simple story, without the need to figure out what is happening and I think this is something you could need on a bad day.

So If you want a fun and little movie for your evening after a hard day or for you and your Family, this movie might be worth a Shot.