Netflix new movie The Half of It (2020) Review

Carl B

The Half of It is director Alice Wu's new film after Saving Face after 16 years. The story tells about the personality of introverted students ailey by helping students write papers to earn extra money, one day Paul sports athletes to find her, hope ailey can help him write a love letter to pursue the school flower esther. In the process of ghostwriting, ali and Paul become friends. But Ellie found himself in love with the school flower, the relationship between the three of them becomes complex...

For those of you who read the synopsis above, it's an LGBT movie, but I'd like to define it as a teen campus romance.

Because, Love is Love.

Netflix new movie The Half of It (2020)

What is love?

Love is the most mysterious and difficult problem when you are young.

The story focuses on three high school students, Ellie, Paul and esther, who are in the prime of their lives. Some people like ailey, their hearts closed, isolated from the crowd and the world. Do not understand others, do not let others know themselves, even do not know themselves; Some, like Paul, are not good at expression, blindly pursuing love without knowing what love is. Some, like esther, do not know what they want, drift along, muddle along, and have forgotten their old blood and ideals. Three people because of a generation to write a love letter and produce intersection, you can say this setting old, but also can be said to be classic.

They were both pursuing love in their own clumsy but charming ways:

Ali although is a talented student, but she did not talk about love, in order to help Paul write a love letter, can only copy the movie lines;

Paul in order to get the heart of the beloved girl had to find ali write a love letter and Ellie together tracking esther, observe her preferences and habits;

Before Paul and esther started dating, Ellie and Paul rehearsed over and over what they might talk about on a date...

These seemingly "wrong" strategies and unrealistic behaviors are steps that everyone takes during adolescence. It may be a failure, it may be disillusionment, it may be pain, but it is the first step in an unknown emotional world.

Only take the first step, there will be a second step, the third step... In this stumbling journey, they and we will come to understand the true meaning of love.