Netflix not certified on Dangbei Mars Pro


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I’ve just received my Mars Pro and installed Google Play Store and downloaded Netflix from there. But when it done, pops out the following message “ this device is not optimized for netflix (-14)” and when I open the app I have this message “error code ui-800-3”.
I tried the tutorial on the homepage, but netflix is only at 480p resolution, which is quite underwhelming, considering it is a 4k Laser Projector.
How to fix this?


I saw there is a streaming dongle on Dangbei Store on Amazon, I believe it'd be better if you connect the dongle to Mars Pro.


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Eu baixo o Netflix da Emotn Store e a resolução é 1080p.
Reproduza este vídeo e confirme a resolução da transmissão no canto superior direito


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Does anybody know how to get that 4k streaming stick from the questionnaire, even if you purchased the projector outside Amazon?