Newest: May 2022 Movies That You Don't Want To Miss


As April comes to an end, which movie is your favorite? The next list of movies in May you will surely enjoy as well. Choose your movies in advance!

1. Black Site

Release Date: 2022/5/03

2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.jpg

Release Date: 2022/5/06

The story picks up where "Spider-Man: No Way Home" left off, with Dr. Strange inadvertently opening up the Mad Multiverse and things getting out of hand, and he goes to the Scarlet Witch Wanda for help. Chevalier Egafort's Modou tells Dr. Strange that the biggest threat to the universe is actually himself: an evil Dr. Strange who suddenly appears.

3. Happening

Release Date: 2022/5/06

4. Summer of '85: Mackey Returns

Release Date: 2022/5/06

5. The Twin

Release Date: 2022/5/06

6. The Ravine

The Ravine.jpg

Release Date: 2022/5/06

7. The Sadness

Release Date: 2022/5/12

8. Firestarter

Release Date: 2022/5/13

9. Vendetta

Release Date: 2022/5/17

10. Downton Abbey: A New Era

Downton Abbey A New Era.jpg

Release Date: 2022/5/20

11. Look at Me: XXXTentacion

Release Date: 2022/5/26

12. Top Gun: Maverick

Release Date: 2022/5/27