Nintendo began investigating large-scale abnormal logins in NS accounts


Recently a large number of players complained on sns such as Reddit and Twitter that their Nintendo accounts associated with NS were abnormal and suspected of being stolen. After the large-scale warning on the extranet, many players found that they were also successful after checking. There have even been cases where PayPal tied to Nintendo accounts was taken and stolen (100 pounds of "Fortnite" gold coins).

In response, a Nintendo spokesperson sent Eurogamer an official statement stating: "We have noticed the issue of unauthorized login of Nintendo accounts and are actively investigating the situation. At the same time, we recommend that users open the account for two-step verification. "

Subsequently, Nintendo also issued a similar statement to VGC, hoping players to wait patiently for the official investigation results. Just two weeks ago, Nintendo Japan officials announced that it had found some third-party logins to access users ’credit card data, and issued a warning.

Nintendo temporarily closed the payment channel in the eShop market. It can be speculated that the official is indeed actively investigating these cases.

With the covid-19 sweeping the world and leading to home isolation, hacker activities and attacks from all walks of life are also frequent. Players are advised to be careful and pay attention to account security.