Nintendo plans to increase production by about 10% in response to surging demand for the Switch


In response to the surge in demand, nintendo says it is looking at ways to increase production of its Switch console.

Nintendo estimates that production of the Switch series of consoles will increase by about 10 percent in 2020, up from about 20 million units last year, according to vendors. Nintendo has asked many suppliers and contract assemblers to ramp up production in the april-june quarter, but the company said it was still unclear how many switches would be available for certain parts.

According to some parts suppliers, orders from April to June in 2020 are more than 50% higher than originally planned. While major parts companies say they want to respond as much as possible to nintendo's demand for more production, parts may not be available as planned in Malaysia and the Philippines, where the plants are located, while activity remains restricted.

Nintendo was forced to suspend Switch shipments in Japan because of supply chain problems that led to a shortage of Switch supplies, which resumed last week.