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Nintendo Switch hot issues and answers


What should I do if the Nintendo Switch is splashed with liquid?
1. If any liquid spills on the machine, please unplug the power and turn off the power immediately. For your personal safety, do not use the machine when it is wet, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock.

2. Let the machine air dry for a few days.

Do not use any type of heating method to accelerate the drying process (hair dryer, heater, microwave oven, etc.), as this may cause damage.

If the liquid does not enter the machine, please clean the case with a soft dry cloth, and then try to turn it on.

If the machine fails to work after it has dried, or if liquid has entered the inside of the machine, the machine needs to be repaired. Please note that damage caused by liquid entering the machine is not covered by the free warranty.

Nintendo Switch hot issues and answers

What should I do if the Nintendo Switch cannot be turned on, the screen is blank, or it cannot wake up from sleep mode?
1. Press and hold the power button for 12 seconds to forcibly turn off the host, and then turn on the power again.

2. Connect the Joy-Con with the host not inserted into the base.

3. Unplug the power adapter from both ends for at least 30 seconds to reset the power adapter.

4. Connect the power adapter to the host, and then plug it into the power outlet. Let the host charge for at least 15 to 30 minutes, then press the power button to start it.

5. Make sure the host has installed the latest system.

6. If the problem still cannot be solved, please go to Customer Service to apply for maintenance service.

What should I do if the screen of Nintendo Switch suddenly goes black while playing games?
Press and hold the power button on the host for at least 12 seconds to force the host to shut down, and then turn on the host again.

Can Switch game saves be transferred? If I log in to my account on another Switch, will the previous information be retained?
Will keep, if you have purchased the digital version of the game, you only need to enter the "re-download" item in the eShop menu.

How can I transfer my account information and game saves to another Switch?
Select "Settings"-"Users"-"Transfer Users and Store Data" in the main menu.

If the Switch is initialized, can the original data be retrieved?
The game purchase record is bound to your Nintendo account, even if the console is initialized, it can still be retrieved by "re-downloading". However, the game save cannot be restored. It can be backed up by transferring the user to another Switch in advance.

Can Switch game saves be uploaded to the cloud?
Open the Nintendo online membership service to enjoy the benefits of uploading files to the cloud.

Can a Nintendo account be transferred?
When registering a Nintendo account, players need to select the "country/region" to which the account belongs. The result of this choice is related to the area of the eShop that the player will visit later, the game content that can be purchased, and the service policy accepted. This content can be changed afterwards.