Nintendo UK customer support is legitimately the worst.


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I placed an order for Mario Wonder in October 2023. As I had platinum points, I added some rewards too.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo cancelled my pre-order. This meant I didn't get the game and that I could no longer purchase the rewards as I had "already purchased them".

I logged a ticket with the customer support team who advised me my debit card was refused. Which was an absolute lie. No payment attempt was made.

I'm now 95 emails deep in a thread since 1st December 2023 where the only response I've gotten since their lie was that it was escalated in support router login

This is genuinely the worst customer experience I've ever had. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Ugh, I completely agree! Trying to get help from Nintendo UK customer support is a nightmare. Their wait times are long, and their reps don't seem very knowledgeable.


Nintendo's online support forum can sometimes be faster and more helpful than calling customer service. It's worth checking out if you haven't already."