NVIDIA SHIELD TV will have two successors


After NVIDIA pulled out of the phone race, it's not out of the Android market entirely. In fact, by taking smartphones and tablets off the radar, it can focus all its attention on the NVIDIA SHIELD, an Android TV device that will last for nearly five years. That being said, the device is in its final years, and there are signs of a new NVIDIA SHIELD, but it's clear that not only will it be one, but two are expected soon.

When first released, NVIDIA SHIELD's Tegra X1 chip was no doubt racing around. Four years later, it far surpassed modern chips in terms of processing power. However, the use of its Nintendo Switch handheld console proved the competitiveness of its GPU.

But the device itself is far from perfect, and users have been complaining about hardware failures. The Android TV box also lacks support for some modern technologies. The good news is that the FCC is rolling out a new SHIELD TV. As it turns out, there's another.

The new SHIELD, called "sif," may not be the SHIELD TV most people want. It appears to be a stripped-down version, with no TV tuner or even a USB port. There will be at least one SD card slot, but it seems the "sif" is intended to be a more compact version, more suitable for cloud-based games.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is very popular with its users and Android fans, as the company offers almost relentless software support for the device. Hopefully, when they are announced, they will continue into the two new SHIELD devices.