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Most of the holidays have passed, and hesitated for a while, but still show this long-hidden guide.

Because the previous Youtube article was deleted, how long this article can be kept, I am not sure. Students in need are advised to save in advance.

Why watch Netflix?

Netflix was originally an American DVD rental chain. One day, Netflix began to learn, from the lease of the physical store, turned to do network leasing, the business is immediately much better than its peers. But this is not the reason why Netflix's stock price has multiplied 7 times in a few years.

On the road to the Internet, Netlflix did not turn into an e-commerce, but began to make videos in a whimsy. Because of many years of DVD rentals, Netflix knows too much about users' preferences. Whoever loves watching small movies and who loves watching romantic movies, Netflix knows properly.

In order to avoid the huge pit of funds needed to purchase copyrights in large quantities, Netlflix took a different approach and started taking selfies, using big data to create video content that audiences love.

So with the house of cards, there is the myth that stock prices have skyrocketed.

After Netflix is not short of money, it has attracted a lot of Hollywood superstars, and every year it invests huge sums of money to make homemade dramas. The popular Yanxi Raiders is the imitative model of iQiyi.

Although Netflix has also produced a lot of bad dramas in the past two years, there are still many good dramas that can be used to purchase copyrights for users from various countries and cooperate with copyright owners in large numbers. The subscription fee of up to 82 RMB a month allows you to watch countless American dramas, English dramas, Hong Kong dramas, Japanese dramas, and movies. Compared to downloading, looking for seeds, looking for formats, looking for subtitles, it takes time and space, and it may be a bad movie. The temptation to subscribe is quite large.


Forgot to say, Netflix's homemade dramas have official Chinese subtitles, and the translation is accurate, and they can be played perfectly without any timeline adjustment.

From the large rise of subscribers, we can also see that the Netflix model is very popular.

It can be said that subscribing to Netflix is one of the trends of niche life in the new era, which can quickly increase your viewing capacity and viewing level.

Netflix hands-on movie guide

Before reading this guide, you need to have the following knowledge:

Sufficient English level

At least the English website registration and account information can be completed.

A dual currency credit card

I use the Amex Express card of China Merchants Bank.


A router that can log in using ssh and uses linux core firmware

If you do not understand what ssh and linux are, it is recommended to give up. I'm using ubnt's edgerouter max for export routing.

Preferably a Mac computer

Because some scripts may need to be run on the mac.

Register and set up a Netflix account

Registration itself is not difficult. It does not require a US ip address, no advanced credit card, or a Paypal account to pass. Everything is a standard process.

You can choose to try it for free for 1 month first, and then pay after you have tried the experience.


There is only one thing to note:

The difference between Netflix and Plan is different.

Only Premium UltraHD can enjoy 4K data stream and allow 4 devices to be online at the same time. In other words, you can share your account with your friends.



Watching 4K high-definition film sources may consume up to 7GB of traffic per hour, and the bandwidth requirements are also very high. .

If you choose the highest level of Premium UltraHD, remember to select High in Playback Setting.


When actually watching movies, Netflix does not force the output of 4K data streams. Even if Auto is not selected, Netflix will automatically reduce the resolution in the case of insufficient bandwidth to achieve a smooth playback effect.

Crossing the blockade

The difficulty of watching Netflix is not a question of having an account at all. Due to copyright control, Netflix plays different content in different regions. Naturally, it is the most perfect in the United States. And there is no open China area, Netflix does not provide any services.

Even if you are an American, as long as you log in using the IP of the area where Netflix does not provide services, when watching, Netflix will prompt that the area you are in cannot play.

Therefore, the only way to be able to watch Netflix videos is through an overseas host as a springboard. This host can be in any region where Netflix provides services. For example, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

However, Netflix also restricts various data center network segments that can be used as springboards. It is not easy to find a server that can do jumps.

Green pepper is currently using the packaging service of, a small server provider in Malaysia, to return to China through the cn2gia line, and the speed is good. ggc provides native IP in the US and is not currently on Netflix's blacklist.

Of course, you do n’t have to build a springboard yourself, and you can directly buy the services provided by service providers that promise to watch Netflix. For example, rixcloud.

The content of this part is more sensitive, so I won't go into details.

With this host running special services, the rest is relatively simple. When Netflix is playing, it uses a lot of cloud servers for distribution. As long as you find the IP address segment owned by Netflix, and distribute traffic to these IP addresses, you can avoid Netflix's blockade and smash Huanglong.

Its principle is this:

Find the IP autonomous domain of Netflix and determine the IP segment it owns. As a result of practice, the three IP autonomous domains of AS2906, AS14618, and AS16509 are the source of IP for Netflix using servers.

Then, we only need to extract the IP in these autonomous domains, and we can use it. In order to reduce the difficulty, simply put the text file generated by the script command out, so as not to run out of a bunch of problems.

The next thing will increase a difficulty: use the iptables command to forward the traffic of the specified network segment.

Before that, the ipset must be established with the obtained ip address, and the ip address set.

Enter directly from the command line:

ipset -N as15169 hash: net maxelem 65536

for ip in $ (cat '/ the directory where you store the file / as15169.txt'); do

/ sbin / ipset add as15169 $ ip


There are 3 files in total. Please pay attention to modify the asxxxx part of the command. Run each network segment once to create 3 ipsets.

Use ipset list to view the results. Find the three ipsets as2906, as14618, and as16509.


Establish ipset, use iptables to forward the corresponding network request to the springboard server.

If you purchase the ss service, the ss client should be installed locally. The client will have a listening port locally and forward the data stream received by the port to the server for communication.

All iptables needs to do is to direct the data stream to the local port.
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Assuming that the local port is 1083, then the command is as follows:

Create netflix table:

iptables -t nat -N netflix

iptables -t nat -A netflix -p tcp -m set —match-set as2906 dst -j REDIRECT —to-ports 1083

iptables -t nat -A netflix -p tcp -m set —match-set as16509 dst -j REDIRECT —to-ports 1083

iptables -t nat -A netflix -p tcp -m set —match-set as14618 dst -j REDIRECT —to-ports 1083

Insert the netflix table into the routing pre-processing table and the output routing table:

iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING 4 -p tcp -j netflix

iptables -t nat -I OUTPUT -p tcp -j netflix

The advantage of this is that when you do not need traffic forwarding, you can simply delete the netflix routing table, without modifying the main routing table of iptables.

Configuration is complete!

Mission Accomplished!


For other client configuration, server configuration or service purchase, please learn by yourself. Green Pepper does not provide any paid or free services.

We are not going to be sent to drink tea.
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