OPPO to Unveil ColorOS 14 for TV System


OPPO is set to host the OPPO Developer Conference (ODC) on November 16th in Shanghai, China. During the conference, they will officially introduce the TV system, ColorOS 14.

The OPPO Developer Conference, an annual event directed towards developers and partners, revolves around themes of innovation, collaboration, and the sharing of boundary-breaking experiences. ODC23 will specifically address the release of ColorOS 14, cooperative ecosystem building, and health services. These topics aim to provide developers and partners with insights into OPPO's latest platform capabilities and technological practices.

According to OPPO's official website, ColorOS 14 will mark the realization of OPPO's smart cross-platform system, Panthalassa, and AndesGPT's capability upgrade. This is designed to create a novel smart and integrated user experience.

OPPO to Unveil ColorOS 14 for TV System.jpg

Previously, OPPO ColorOS announced collaborations with two major television manufacturers, Changhong and Skyworth, to adapt to large-screen connectivity. Features such as one-click screen mirroring from a mobile device to the TV, headphone control of the TV, adaptive screen mirroring, and automatic playback reminders are aimed at enhancing the smart functionalities.

OPPO ColorOS, a system deeply customized based on Android, is known for its intuitive, lightweight, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing design. It represents OPPO's concerted efforts to merge software and hardware, expanding its presence in the mobile internet market. Since its initial beta version release on April 26, 2013, ColorOS has been translated into 72 languages, including English, Thai, and Indonesian. It is currently being used and promoted in over 140 countries and regions worldwide.

In August 2022, OPPO officially announced an online event for the release of ColorOS 13 with the theme "Water Creates All." On August 22, they unveiled that the intelligent cross-platform system, codenamed "Panthalassa," would be launched simultaneously with ColorOS 13 at the OPPO Developer Conference on August 30.