Optoma HD15 Projector Detailed Specificatons


The Optoma HD15 is a home projection device with excellent performance configuration. This projector performs very well in terms of picture quality. So what exactly is the Optoma HD15 projector? Let's take a look at the details of this projector.

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Brand NameOptoma
Keystone CorrectionManual Correction
Screen Scale
Ansi Lumens3600 ISO21118 Lumen
Home Theater Projectoryes
Projection TechnologyDLP
Optical Resolution1920x1080dpi
Model Numberoptoma HD15
Light SourceLed Light
Projective ModeThrowing,Ceiling,Back Projection
Display techniqueTi dlptm technology / 0.47 "1080p DMD chip
Output brightness3600 ISO21118
Contrast ratio25000:1
Projection lensF=2.5~2.67, f = 21.9~24 mm, 1.1x manual zoom and focus lens
Projection size (diagonal)28 to 200 inch
Projection distance1 to 5m
Projection ratio1.48 ~ 1.62
Keystone correctionVertical 卤 40 degrees
Speaker3Wx 1
Noise28dB (ECO)
Bulb life15000 hours (dynamic mode) / 4000 hours (bright mode)
WeightAbout 3kg

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1. Optoma HD15 Projector Optical parameters​

The picture brightness of the Optoma HD15 has reached 3600 lumens, which is also quite good in the daytime. In terms of resolution, the standard resolution is 1080P, which ensures the clarity of the projected picture. In terms of picture color, Optoma HD15 has REC.709 ultra-wide color gamut, which is enough to satisfy HDTV, making the picture more pure and natural, and making the color more vivid and rich.

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2. Optoma HD15 Projector Projection parameters​

In terms of picture correction function, Optoma HD15 supports vertical keystone correction function, which can easily solve the skew problem of the picture, which is convenient for users to install and place more easily. In terms of image processing functions, it supports the Gamma curve adjustment function, so that the device can choose different modes according to different environments to achieve the best playback effect.

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3. Other Optoma HD15 Projector Specifications​

The body size of the Optoma HD15 is 316x244x106mm and the weight is about 3.3kg. It is relatively heavy and suitable for fixed installation in one location. In terms of interfaces, it only has 1 USB interface, 1 HDMI interface and 1 audio interface. Although there are not many interfaces, there are quite a variety of types, which can be connected to computers, U disks and other devices.

In summary, it is all about the Optoma HD15 projector. Through the detailed parameter configuration, we can see that this projector is very good in terms of picture quality. However, since there is no built-in system, an external TV box is required. In general, it is a projection equipment suitable for home use. Whether to buy it or not depends on your needs.