Optoma projector short-throw lens: How to install and replace?


When purchasing a projector, many users will choose a short-throw projector, which can save more space. Optoma projectors also have many short throw projectors that support interchangeable lenses. This article introduces all the steps of how to install and replace the short-throw lens of the Optoma projector.
Optoma projector short-throw lens.jpg

How to install and replace short-throw lens on Optoma projector?​

1. First, loosen the plastic cover and lift off the spiral cover on the zoom lens. The spiral cap is the light grey cap that fits snugly on the end of the lens, grab it and pull it off the lens. Make sure the projector lens is clean, if not, wipe it with a clean cloth. And make sure the short-throw retrofit lens is clean as well.

2. Then, carefully line up the modified lens with the standard lens. Facing the part of the wire pattern towards the projector, make the modified lens tighter until it is in full contact with the threads. Carefully adjust the retrofit lens to make sure it is not the opposite pattern. You use minimal force to adjust. If not, the threaded sleeve may be installed backwards, damaged or dirty, and it should be checked again.

If the retrofit lens is installed smoothly, continue to adjust it - about three back and forth, until there is slight resistance and the installation is complete.