Optoma Projectors 9 Common Troubleshooting


I often see users complaining that Optoma projectors have no picture or make unusual sounds. Today I will talk about the solutions to several major faults that users often encounter when using Optoma projectors. If you learn to repair it yourself, you don't have to go to a professional store.

Let's take a look at the common troubleshooting of Optoma projectors.

Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 1: No image on the screen​

1. Verify that all cables and power wiring are properly and securely connected as described in the "Installation" section.

2. Make sure that the connector pins are not bent or broken.

3. Check whether the projection lamp is firmly installed. See the "Replacing the Lamp" section.

4. Make sure the lens cap has been removed and the projector is turned on.

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Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 2: The image is incomplete, scrolled or displayed incorrectly.​

1. Press the "Auto Adjust" button on the remote control or control panel.

2. If you are using a PC:

If the computer resolution is higher than 1024x768, follow the steps below to reset the resolution.

For WindowsXP:

1), open the "My Computer" icon, "Control Panel" folder, and then double-click the "Display" icon.

2) Select the "Settings" tab.

3), the resolution setting can be found in the "screen area". Check if the resolution setting is lower than or equal to 1024x768. If the projector still cannot display the entire image, then you also need to change the monitor display you are using. See the steps below.

4) After completing the above steps 1-2, click the "Advanced Properties" button.

5) Select the "Change" button under the "Monitor" tab.

6) Click "Show All Devices". Then select "Standard Monitor Type" in the "Manufacturer" box; select the desired resolution mode in the "Mode" box.

7) Check whether the resolution setting displayed by the monitor is lower than or equal to 1024x768.

3. If you are using a laptop:

1) you need to first follow the steps above to set the resolution of your computer.

2) switch the laptop display to "external monitor only" or "crt monitor only".

3) If you encounter difficulties during the process of changing the resolution, or the monitor is still pictured, restart all devices and projectors.

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Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 3: Laptops or powerbook laptops do not display presentation documents.​

1. If you are using a laptop:

Some laptops disable the computer's own display when using a second display device. The way it is re-enabled varies. See your computer's documentation for details.

2. If you are using an apple powerbook laptop:

In Control Panel, open "powerbook display" and select "on" for "video mirroring".

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Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 4: The image is unstable or shakes.​

1. Use "Phase" to correct it.

2. Change the monitor color from the computer.



Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 5: There are vertical jitter bars on the image.​

1. Use "Frequency" to adjust.

2. Check and reconfigure the display mode of the graphics card to make it compatible with this product.

Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 6: The image is out of focus.​

1. Adjust the focusing ring on the projector lens.

2. Confirm that the distance between the projection screen and the projector is between the required distance of 3.74 inches to 32.81 inches.



Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 7: Out of screen when displaying 16:9 DVD.​

The projector itself will automatically detect the 16:9 dvd and adjust the aspect ratio (via digital conversion) to full screen at the default 4:3 setting.

If the projector is still out of range, you will also need to adjust the aspect ratio as follows:

1) If a 16:9 DVD is being played, select the aspect ratio type as 4:3 on the DVD player.

2) If the aspect ratio type cannot be selected as 4:3 on the DVD player, select 4:3 for the screen on the OSD function of the projector.



Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 8: The image is reversed.​

Open the "Menu" and select "Display" to make adjustments to the projector.

Optoma Projectors Troubleshooting 9: The bulb is burnt out or making a clicking sound.​

The bulb will burn out or make a loud clicking sound when it reaches the end of its life. If this happens, the projector will not resume operation until the lamp module has been replaced. When replacing the lamp, follow the steps in Replacing the Lamp.