Optoma UHZ50 - WPS Logo showing on screen at all times


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I recentely bought an Optoma UHZ50 projector. Everything was fine until I updated the software on the projector. Since the update, an annoying logo on the screen states WPS-2563 (see attached photo). I tried to reset the projector to factory settings but the logo started appearing again just with a different suffix number. There is a dot on the left side of the logo that changes colors (sometimes it's blue, sometimes orange/yellow, and sometimes red. Does anybody know how to remove it?

The logo is shown at all times when a source is used (HDMI or internal android), it disappears only when the projector is changing sources.
Screenshot 2023-03-10 225710.jpg


I understand the frustration of having the WPS logo constantly displayed on your Optoma UHZ50 projector. One possible solution is to perform a firmware update on the projector. Optoma often releases firmware updates to address known issues, so it's worth checking if an update is available for your model. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully during the update process.


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One potential workaround is to try connecting the projector to a different HDMI source or using a different HDMI cable. Sometimes, these types of display issues can be caused by compatibility or communication problems between the projector and the connected device.