Original details hidden in The Irishman (2019) movie


- In addition to Russell sent him a gold ring (There are only three, Russell and his deputy Angelo also each own one), Frank has been with embedded daughters birthstones of the ring when the film began shortly after carrying the Frank Russell to Detroit, he shook The lens of the steering wheel can be seen clearly. He is a clumsy guy who loves his family in his own way. (The way he handles family life is greatly influenced by his own childhood family life experience)

- Frank a little stutter . Obviously the movie uses this point just right, and the German boss also uses this detail to bring many character traits that are too late for the movie to be carefully presented, sensitive and restrained and confused humor, etc., to bring to the audience.

- About Russell does not smoke . Explained in the movie. He himself stopped smoking by betting on Jimmy Blue Eyes (Meyer Lansky). In 1960, Castro swallowed their casino in Cuba. When they left the boat and smoked while scolding, the two took 25,000 US dollars to gamble for one year without smoking. No relapse.

- Because Frank climb too fast, pit him to blow Angelo laundry plant's Whisper . The reason why Whisper is called Whisper is because his bad breath is too serious, and others only let him whisper when he speaks. Even though there is no explicit statement in the movie, the conversation at the dining table is quite good, tasteful.

- with tear Frank Russell bread and wine dip eat (old age in prison is James grape juice). In the original work, Frank still did not understand what Russell was doing when he was ignorantly trying to get into the edge of the gangster circle. He saw this man who helped him repair on the road outside of New York at Villa d'Roma (an Angelo store) in Philadelphia The little man passing the car was a little confused about what he came to Philadelphia for. Russell said he often came to Philadelphia for procsiutto bread (Italian bread baked with parma thin ham and mozzarella cheese). Then Frank took it seriously. If he met him when driving the goods from now on, he would always bring bread to Russell. Since then, the two have been sharing bread more and more and eating red wine. Frank has also entered the circle unconsciously. The film does not have so much space to show the relationship of bread, but it does shoot the scene of the two people tearing the bread and wine / juice as a ceremony to conclude a lifelong bond. And bread and red wine always remind me of Jesus in Gethsemane. Especially at the end of the movie, the "fuck'em" that is painful when I take bread with grape juice, it feels too clear. Almost every film has a Catholic mark and even the old horse who has made "The Last Temptation of Christ" may have this meaning.


- in cooking when Russell told that the ultimate fate of Jimmy Hoffa to Frank. Russell's people are extremely vigilant and basically don't eat other people's food, unless they are a trusted chef in their own restaurant, or they will cook by themselves. Frank thinks his cooking is good.

- Jimmy foster child in the back seat transported across the fish , leaving the taste. Through a series of gangster movies such as "The Godfather", we know that dead fish means death threats in gang culture. There is no dead fish in the original book, but it is said that the gangsters are not likely to kill people in the car, because once this is done, the taste is lingering, and the car becomes a dead car that can no longer be used. The fishy car carried Jimmy Hoffa through the last journey. However, the consignment of a fish consigned by a friend, who knew nothing about the fish, drove these people, and knew nothing about the death of the adoptive father.

-The brown house where Jimmy was executed belongs to an old lady who was unaware of the incident. The original book gave me the feeling that the Mafia lives under the surface world. For example, here, they have detailed information about a large number of civilians, including the old lady ’s work schedule and schedule, so when she is out, she is not aware of it. The land borrowed this house, which seemed to be full of life and seemed to be safe and harmless.

- aircraft . Arranged by Russell, Frank spoke with Jimmy for the first time on the phone and promised to start work next to Jimmy the next day. After putting the phone down, Frank said that he was in a hurry to drive to Detroit now. Russell told him not to rush and gave him a white envelope with a plane ticket and a hundred-dollar bill. Russell gave him a good rest tonight. There will be someone who will take over from the local work and wait for him to come back. Tomorrow Angelo will send a car to pick him up to the airport. Frank will never forget this moment. Of course, do not forget Frank Russell arranged for him another one of the aircraft , 30 July 1975, the last time he rode the plane car to see Jimmy.

- Frank's World War II experience mentioned rarely, mainly in the paragraph was talking when he and Russell meal, referred to the 411 days he played in the European theater of war. What the movie does not say is that the average actual combat days of historical data for combatants is about 80 days, and Frank played 411 days. His Thunderbird Division (the 45th Infantry Division) hit the last day (a total of 511 days) from the first day of battle in Europe. When the team was full, the regiment had 15,000 people, and the wartime casualties reached 21,899. The regime of the regime was extremely cruel. , Once slaughtered captives, so it was also called "Killer Division". The experience of World War II had a great influence on him. He was a young civilian who was not obedient to discipline. He was forcibly trained as a soldier who obeyed the orders of life and death. Be cold and restrained. His once moral concept and life skills were destroyed, and he was used to being obliged to kill, and every second he served as the judge ’s jury and executioner. He could no longer relax and return to civilian life. This explains why Frank is not compatible with normal society, and eventually moves naturally into the Mafia circle.

-Anzio trench that left Frank with arthritis . When he landed at Anzio beach, he had an advantage. The commander was worried that there would be a fraudulent decision to wait for the large force to be in place, and the Germans had to fight back (here Churchill also expressed regret). In order to avoid the dense and fierce air strikes, everyone dug deep, and only at night can climb the ladder to get rid of the hand or pour the excrement in the helmet. The supply ship was blown up. Everyone ate canned food for several months and prayed desperately (Frank even prayed, if I could go out alive, I would not sin). A large group of heavily disguised Germans launched an attack on one night, forcing the beach at the 45th force with twice the number of people and killing 6,000 people (official, "45th wa ripped to shreds"). It feels that there is also a distant correspondence to the defeat caused by Kennedy ’s failure to send the Air Force in the Pig Bay incident. People will grow old. Frank will go from the frontline soldiers to the gunmen to the old man in a wheelchair watching the Kosovo news. War forever Young.

- "What will be will be." Is Frank's motto, and this sentence also appeared directly in the movie. Frank, who was incompatible with the civilian life after the war, kept thinking about life and death, because the experience far exceeded his digestive understanding, so he determined that the two dates that all beings have-birth and death-were written long ago, and During the period, "what is what is what", there is no need to disturb. With such a closed emotional isolation, he is very calm and efficient in everything in the gang, almost like a fish. And this view seems to give the 76-year-old horse (though he was still a decade younger when the German boss touched the story first) so deep that the whole movie (especially the most obvious is basically every gang member It ’s written on the screen of his first appearance), or that he recalled the golden age of his beloved movie and the gangsters during the period, all covered with such sighs. Everything is destined to be born and passed away, brilliant, bloody tears, withered, farewell, what it should be, what it will be.
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