Peep World 2011 movie review: Micheal C. Hall, Rainn Wilson concentrated on information safety


Director: Barry W. Blaustein
Writer: Peter Himmelstein
Starring: Micheal C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Ben Scwartz, Taraji P. Henson

The advent of social networking has made our lives more exposed than ever before. Documented with photos letters status messages and up to the minute updates, so much of our lives are reviewed and ogled by others.

The great part of it all is we have the power to be our filter, we alone have the ability to stop or diminish the flow of information, so long as we keep our secrets to ourselves. Blaustein’s comedy explores what happens when the keeper of your secrets uses that knowledge for personal gain. The film follows the larger than life events that occur prior to the 70th birthday dinner of family patriarch Henry (Ron Rifkin) a wealthy developer whose children try unsuccessful to live in his shadow.

The youngest of the brood pens a tell all novel complete with everyone’s dirty laundry. Erotic fetishes, loose morals, and complete failures are all exposed at the expense of his siblings. Insanely funny and offbeat this comedy features some of the most comical performances seen this year. Sarah Silverman is hilarious as the neurotic sister Cheri who sues her younger brother after he sells the movie rights to his best selling tell all. Comedic and dramatic at times this film is worth a peep, if not for laughs alone for the message of discovering self worth and knowing when to say when.
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