Peloton Guide TV fitness accessories, Is it good?


Peloton has launched a new hardware device, Peloton Guide, a TV fitness accessory that will probably become the new trend in fitness hardware after fitness goggles.

Peloton Guide TV fitness accessories.jpg

Peloton Guide is very similar to the Xbox One era Kinect body sensor, equipped with a motion-tracking camera with 1.2 megapixels, a wide angle of 163 degrees, and up to 4K specifications to shoot video.

Users can use it in conjunction with the Peloton app, which contains numerous classes, including Pilates, strength training, aerobic training and more. You can also search for specific courses based on muscle groups, and the app will give you a report of results every 7/30 days.

Peloton Guide's training mechanism is more suitable for people who work out at home. Some people are unable to go to the gym for some objective reasons to have one-on-one training with a personal trainer, and ordinary live classes lack practical feedback, so the value of Peloton Guide AI coaching can be demonstrated at this time.

For most families, there is at least one TV in the house. You only need to add a camera to enjoy a personal trainer-like experience, compared to the purchase of a separate fitness mirror, Peloton Guide to save money and space.