Philips Philips full screen TV PUF7565 Review


In recent years, with the rise of the concept of "full screen", the major TV manufacturers have layout full screen. For a time, the full screen television like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the full screen television era has come quietly. Throughout the industry, royal philips TV in the Netherlands in the full screen field of the achievements can be seen. It has launched a number of representative full-screen TV: the so-called "industry's first 70-inch full-screen TV" PUF7295, known as the "all-around full-screen" TV PUF8005...... Now, another philips full screen TV PUF7565 stunning debut!

Cover 6 sizes to meet the purchase needs of different families

Philips TV not only focuses on the "picture quality, function, content" and other aspects of innovation and exploration, in the "size" is also a full effort. This philips full screen new TV PUF7565 has covered "50, 55, 58, 65, 70, 75" inches of 6 sizes, in the industry is rare! Such complete size section, can satisfy the demand of different family choose and buy completely, almost do not exist you to be in love with the model, do not have the situation that appropriate size is optional however. The 75-inch PUF7565 will be available in the middle of the year, and the other five sizes are currently selling well.

In particular, the 58-inch and 70-inch models are two of the rarest on the market. A 58-inch TV has about 13% larger screen area than a 55-inch TV, meaning a more immersive viewing experience can be had for about the same amount of money. 70 inches is the best size for most families to create "home theater". The price of 70 inches TV on the market is not cheap, and it is often tens of thousands of yuan. Since philips launched many models of 70-inch TV with thousands of yuan, the consumption concept of "buy 70-inch TV with philips" has been deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Philips full screen TV PUF7565

PUF7565 not only has six sizes, 4K ultra hd picture quality, tencent video resources, it also carries two "super understand you" features - blue light, motion and anti - vibration.

In this period of time, many people's main pastime is to keep watching TV series, some parents even stay up late to watch TV series, once appeared eye strain, dry and other conditions. This is because of the presence of "harmful blue light" in screens such as televisions and mobile phones, which causes damage to the eyes after prolonged exposure. PUF7565 is equipped with philips' "comfortable blue" patented technology, which can ensure the output of harmless blue light from the source, greatly reduce the harm of harmful blue light to the eyes, and truly achieve the effect of "blue light protection". PUF7565 makes you feel more comfortable even if you watch TV series for a long time.

Some people like to watch TV series, others like to watch movies, NBA games and so on. However, many people said that when watching some high-speed motion pictures, there will be jitter, residual film and other phenomena, seriously affect the viewing experience. PUF7565 is equipped with the "MEMC dynamic picture optimization" technology, which can make the moving image play the corresponding compensation role through the way of prediction and frame insertion, so that the picture always keeps smooth and free. PUF7565 does not let you miss every wonderful moment, watching the movie experience fun!