Philips PML9507 vs. Philips PUS8807 vs. Philips PUS8507 TV Review

Philips 2022 also brings us new OLED TVs and LCD TVs. This article will compare three LCD TVs, Philips PML9507 vs. Philips PUS8807 vs. Philips PUS8507. Let's see what different configurations Philips has on LCD TVs at different prices.

Philips PML9507 vs. Philips PUS8807 vs. Philips PUS8507.jpg

1. Appearance Design

Philips PML9507.jpg

Philips PML9507 uses a straight line stand with the Philips logo visible on the stand. this stand can support the screen very firmly, but there is not enough space for you to put the bar.

Philips PUS8807.jpg

The Philips PUS8807 has a simple design with silver bezels on the sides and top, and unlike the 9507, the 8807 is equipped with a silver tilt stand at the bottom. The stand is wide enough, so you need to make sure your table is wide.

Philips PUS8507.jpg

The Philips PUS8507, on the other hand, has a conventional silver triangular stand with a thin TV bezel that does not affect the aesthetics.

2. Picture and Sound

As the only new Mini LED TV from Philips in 2022, the PML9507 is equipped with a P5 Gen6 processor which is similar to the Philips OLED 807 TV. Thanks to the Mini LED panel, the Philips PML9507 can deliver 1,500 nits of peak luminance and 95% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. The TV comes with native 120Hz resolution and supports HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision.

Philips PML9507 tv.jpg

The Philips PUS8807 and PUS8507 are equipped with a P5 Gen5 processor and both also support HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+. However, the PUS8807 supports 120Hz resolution and the PUS8507 only supports 60Hz resolution.

The Philips PML9507 supports 4-sided Ambilight, while the other two TVs are 3-sided Ambilight.

Philips DTS Play-Fi.jpg

The Philips PML9507 TV features a 2.1 audio system with a total power of 70 watts. This includes a 40W speaker and a 30W subwoofer. The PML9507 supports Dolby Atmos, DTS Play-Fi, etc. The Philips PUS8807 and PUS8507 feature a 20W audio with 2.0 audio. So the sound is also PML9507 better.

3. Game


All three TVs are equipped with four HDMI ports, including the Philips PML9507 and Philips PUS8807, which contain two HDMI 2.1 ports, and the PUS8507, which has four ports for HDMI 2.0

Both the PML9507 and PUS8807 support HDMI VRR, FreeSync, and ALLM, while the PUS8507 does not support HDMI VRR.


Philips PML9507
  • 55″ (55PML9507)
  • 65″ (65PML9507)
  • 75″ (75PML9507)

Philips PUS8807

  • 43″ (43PUS8807)
  • 50″ (50PUS8807)
  • 55″ (55PUS8807)
  • 65″ (65PUS8807)
  • 75″ (75PUS8807)
  • 86″ (86PUS8807)

Philips PUS8507

  • 43″ (43PUS8507)
  • 50″ (50PUS8507)
  • 58″ (58PUS8507)
  • 65″ (65PUS8507)