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Play OBAKEIDORO for free on Nintendo Switch

Carl B

Recently, Nintendo officially announced that a new phase of "Trial Club" is about to begin. During the specified time, players can try out designated games on Nintendo Switch for free. During the event period, players can choose Nintendo Switch Online in the Nintendo eShop, then choose "Try the Club", and finally choose OBAKEIDORO to download the game, and you can try it for free within the specified time.

Play OBAKEIDORO for free on Nintendo Switch

OBAKEIDORO is a game with the theme of hide and seek, which can support four players at the same time. In the game, the player can play as a "human" running away, or as a "monster" hunting down a human, and launch a "hide and seek" game within a limited time of three minutes. Interested players can pay attention and participate in the free trial.

Play OBAKEIDORO for free on Nintendo Switch