Polk Magnifi Mini performs well considering its price

Polk Magnifi Mini

With Soundbar products using better and more powerful technology and a wide range of appearance options, they have quickly taken over the video and audio market of a certain size, especially for the general public who don't like to play around and minimize cabling problems.

Of course, there are actually quite a few products collectively referred to as "Soundbar", including two Soundbar products of SONY ST series purchased in my own home due to space constraints. First of all, in terms of blu-ray disc or multi-channel REMUX hd movies, Soundbar has better channel separation and low frequency performance than HiFi speakers, and can provide better playback effect for movie sound effects with multi-channel support. On the other hand, today's experienced audio and video manufacturers will design Soundbar with more proprietary technologies to optimize the sound. Some manufacturers with independent DSP research and development capabilities are able to create very powerful products with sound pressure and sound quality in a very small volume. Among them, Polk Magnifi Mini, which I use today, is still the benchmark for small size Soundbar since it was launched more than a year ago, and it is also the most contrasting product I have ever experienced.

Polk has many Soundbar products, including MAX and MAX SR's large-sized Soundbar, which are excellent products with high cost performance. However, as far as uniqueness is concerned, Polk Magnifi Mini is of more practical significance to ordinary users. After all, compared with the similar products of friends and merchants, Mini is small enough in size, but sound pressure and sound effect are transcendent and shocking. With the cooperation of subwoofer, it can achieve better effect than the large product. That's one of the reasons I was struck by what I said above. After all, throughout many of the same products, Mini main box volume is really extremely small - one hand can be held, "weight" is not heavy. According to the official introduction, under the size of "Mini", six different pointing high-performance units are hidden in the front of the main box, including four groups of tweeters and two groups of tweeters. The reproduction of wide sound field and full range is guaranteed. And for Polk, which is a professional manufacturer of pule sound, it can squeeze the performance as much as possible in such a small volume to provide enough power driving capacity for 6 units. As a result, the actual experience has super sound pressure and good definition, even better than some of the strip models.

As a small size product, Polk Magnifi Mini is divided into two parts: the main box and the subwoofer. Like some Soundbar designs, the subwoofer will automatically connect to the main box wirelessly after the device is turned on, so there is no need to worry about sound transmission. In terms of appearance, the Mini low-frequency guns designed to be very small and round, 6.5 -inch bass unit through a hole underneath + inverter, ensure that the amount of low frequency and divergent, therefore the Mini low-frequency gun positive won't like SONY ST and HX series products have obvious unit, cavity is solid enough but "weight" is not high, low-frequency surrounded feeling and "resonance" performance is excellent. And put in the word in the home, the fruity design of this subwoofer won't cause trouble for household life, receive convenient + wireless direct connect, this is the strong point on practical go up.

If you look at Polk's products, you will find that as a professional audio producer in the United States, Polk's Soundbar product is very practical: its mid-range price point, its convenience, and its ability to maximize the clarity of sound and instantly improve the performance of audio. In addition to dolby and DTS decoding, the Mini also has bluetooth, wi-fi, Chromecast, AUX, fiber optics and HDMI inputs, which make it flexible to use.

Polk Magnifi Mini

It is important to note, however, that Polk Magnifi Mini will need to support HDMI (ARC) if it is directly connected to the TV, or the TV's headset output and the Mini's AUX connection if it is not. However, if you want to fully utilize Polk Magnifi Mini, especially if you want to experience its dolby decoding and activate the 6+1 unit 5.1 channel effect, then only the fiber optic and HDMI connection can be turned on. For example, if I use a computer to output HDMI, I can use an HDMI signal splitter to send HDMI signal to the TV, and the audio digital part can be transmitted to the Mini via optical fiber. This is a good way to play especially combined with HTPC. Although Mini can't compare with the real 5.1 surround sound of its own MAX SR, its decoded virtual 5.1 effect also provides a sufficiently shocking viewing experience, and the free switching of movie mode, music mode and night mode also ensures the diversity of Mini experience.

Of course, in the case of the Polk Magnifi Mini, its Mini size actually opens up the possibility for desktop multimedia players to build a 5.1 channel video system. After all, as mentioned above, Mini can achieve full range and multi-directional sound reproduction under a very small volume. Multimedia players on the desktop can fully consider the Mini as the main speaker, but after the actual experience, you can't help but admire its clarity and separation, even if you only listen to music, its sound quality is strong enough in music mode. In addition, Polk's unique DSP technology enables this product to have enough medium and high sound pressure. It is convenient and easy to achieve high-quality audio experience under the desktop with subwoofer. The size advantage of Mini is the biggest advantage, but it also has a good performance ability.

Polk Magnifi Mini

As for the sound of Polk Magnifi Mini, I think it is not necessary to say more, at least Mini is worthy of its price, low frequency, clarity and separation combined with the advantages of small size, it is definitely a cost-effective product. And if you're a multitrack gamer, you'll actually find yourself either going for the high end of the home theater market at a hefty price or embracing a Soundbar from a specialist producer like Polk. Although Soundbar is not a brand of belief, Polk Magnifi Mini's small size and high degree of integration really provide a lot of possibilities and imagination for small and medium family and desktop multimedia players for those who are hesitating about which product to choose.