LG Poor 4K uhd picture b8 oled


Hi all,

This has been bugging me for awhile re poor picture quality playing uhd blu rays on my 55b8. Im watching Jurassic world in hd on itv2 and the picture is excellent. I’ve got the uhd bluray of the same movie but the picture is terrible especially close ups. It’s like looking through a fine mesh screen especially with close ups or solid colours, picture is fuzzy or seems like theres static or interference. Have tried different hdmi ports, different hdmi cables (all amazon basics 4K certified). Same results with other uhd Blu-ray. The uhd player is LG ubk80 and I’m running the latest ota firmware on the tv. Any known issues with LG oled? Expected more from investing in oled and uhd player but so far fhd tv still looks better. Oh and I’ve had this setup for nearly a year so not a new issue.



Have you tried another UHD device in the HDMI ports? Similarly does your UHD blu-ray player have some 4k apps like Netflix for example you could try?