Portable projector for 3.8m distance - Help pls



Over the last week I've been looking for a projector that would match my throw distance and screen width. I ended up getting the Optoma HD39Darbee but I'm not happy as it is too big and I think overkill for my use (will return).

I would to get something smaller and more appropriate for the spac. and would really appreciate advice on options.

These are my requirements:
- Throw distance: 3.80 m
- Screen width: 200cm (that's the wall space I have). More than that there is a door, but I could maybe fit 210cm.
- Use: Movies (dark room, don't care about lumens).
- Size: smaller than the HD39Darbee
- Budget: Under $1000

Is there something at all in the market? I have spend days looking and cannot finder anything and I don't get why. I thought maybe it was that it was set at Full HD projectors and that was too high-res for the space, but even at lower res can't find anything good I do not want to get a short-throw projector as I like having it on the back of the room (3.80m) I have found the ViewSonic PA503W but it's still a bit big.

I guess I'm realising that I should go below Full-HD for my distance/screen width, and aim for XGA instead. Is that a fair assumption?
I did this filter now based on it. Thank you!


The Optoma is a VERY small standard projector.

Below that size and you end up with Pico models which rarely have zoom and are a fraction as bright as the model you had.

This is almost laughable as you really picked one of the smallest standard lamp projectors on the market and then aren't happy about the size.

Perhaps, what you want, is a TV. Considering your screen size, it really seems that way as well. $1,000 in the USA would get you a 75" TV rather easily which would be more versatile than most projection setups.

You have a fairly long throw range, so I wouldn't bet on any Pico model working from that distance.

Go back to the Optoma, or get a flat panel. Otherwise, you aren't going to get what you are dreaming of.