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Projection lens: glass or resin?


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At present, the mainstream projection products on the market basically adopt a glass + resin lens material design. So what is the difference between projection lens glass and resin? Is the projection lens glass better or resin better? The following is the difference in the material of the projection lens.

Glass lens​

Wear-resistant and easy to clean, high refractive index, good thermal conductivity, more stable, not easy to defocus, long service life.

Low light transmittance, high cost, fragile.

Projection lens.png

Resin lens​

High light transmission, strong anti-drop performance, low cost.

Heat variability leads to virtual focus and is not wear-resistant.

Glass lens VS Resin lens: Which is better?​

Taking into account the cost factor of the projector, most projectors suitable for civilian use will use a small amount of resin materials. In this way, the high permeability of the picture can be ensured during the long-term use of the product, and the impact resistance of the projection lens can be improved, and the fogging of the lens can be reduced at the same time.

Consumers do not need to worry about the incorporation of resin materials that will adversely affect the focus of the projector. The one-step molding technology of aspherical optical resin can effectively optimize the lens design. Without changing the configuration of the light source, it can further increase the utilization rate of light energy, optimize the size of the lens, and improve the image quality.

High-end projector models may also adopt the design of all-glass lenses, but at the same time, affected by the cost, the price of the projector will be higher than the civilian price that everyone is accustomed to. For ordinary consumers, the most ideal projector lens can refer to the combination of glass lens and a small amount of resin material.