Projector Buying Guide 2020-based on Analysis of TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

Do you want to buy a projector in 2020? For me, one of the big move in 2020 is moving into a new home. Since I have chosen my favorite house, I want to be satisfied with the furniture and equipment. For the living room, the multimedia display equipment is my concern. The current solution is a TV, so I want to add a projector for movie and games. Which projector should i choose? I checked the TOP 100 Projectors of Amazon Best Sellers, and here I'd like to post my analysis results:

In this analysis, I compare TOP 100 Amazon Best Projector Sellers on the basis of the projectors that have been selling on Amazon in the past two years , and combined with the methodology of the previous article to make specific case practice. The projectors were mainly aimed at the school and office markets in the past few years.

TOP 100 Amazon Best Projectors Sellers Brands

TOP 100 Amazon Best Projectors Sellers

As we can see from the above chart, BenQ, Epson and Panasonic projectors are the TOP3 projector sellers on Amazon. From the number of reviews and the number of products, we can see that some brands have formed a product matrix and accumulated brand effects. If you are not sure how to classify the brand, you can refer to the domestic market for comparison. Our goal is to find domestic e-commerce brands, rather than large companies with years of brand accumulation, so as to have reference value, and it is also the main object of this comparison.

Due to the large number of projector brands, we use the number of reviews in descending order, combined with the distribution of projector brands in the domestic market and the Amazon market, according to the nature and strength of the brand, select the top 11 brands for grading, and then determine the object of competitive product analysis .

  • Foreign projector brands: ViewSonic, Epson, Optoma, BenQ, RIF6
  • Domestic projector brands: VANKYO, DBPOWER, DR. J Professional, WOWOTO, ARTlii, QKK

TOP 100 Amazon Best Projectors Sellers

TOP 100 Amazon Best Projectors Sellers: Core data comparison

As shown in the upper part of the figure, from the perspective of the proportion of projector brand sales, domestic brands such as VANKYO, DR.J Professoional (hereinafter referred to as DR.J), DBPOWER account for more than 50% of the proportion, and the foreign projector brands ranked above not much. Only in terms of the number of reviews, domestic brands pay more attention to the promotion of the Amazon platform and the accumulation of reviews, so the number of reviews of international brands is generally not as good as that of domestic brands. Since there are many sales channels for international brands, including various online e-commerce platforms, various offline channel dealers, distributors, etc., investment in a single sales channel such as Amazon is not as good as domestic brands. This has also given domestic e-commerce brands a single-point breakthrough strategy, focusing all their energy on making a platform and then expanding to other channels. Amazon is just a sales channel and does not represent the overall global shipments.

Projector Buying Guide 2020-based on Analysis of TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

As shown in the lower part of the figure, from the comparison of the number of projector brand products, it can be seen that some foreign brands such as Epson and Optoma rank top. This is because these projector brands have accumulated for many years, have a rich product line, and a clear sales price hierarchy. This is also a place where domestic brands can learn from, and constantly expand their product lines. For example, VANKYO ranks third in this dimension. The other two domestic brands, DBPOWER and DR.J, also have good rankings, which can be considered in my following analysis about TOP 100 Amazon Best Projectors Sellers.


I'm expecting more brands to participate in the PJ market
the Epson and Sony projectors are too expensive and their system is hard to use