PS4 and Xbox360 - Which is more worth buying?


I think the difference between the two lies in the sense of game experience, it is not clear, this is just a digression. PS4, exclusive market with exclusive games and performance. Xboxone, won praise for its stable performance and special exclusive masterpiece. Compared with xbo, ps4 has the advantages of unique design and excellent performance. The exclusive masterpiece "Uncharted 4" has injected new energy into it. Disadvantages: The handle design is very tired, the battery capacity is small, and a light bar that looks dazzling and actually tasteless. Compared with ps4, xbo has a simple appearance. The simple appearance contains a lot of energy. Advantages: low-key design, exclusive masterpiece "Survival Road" has brought a lot of popularity, the handle design is ingenious, and it is comfortable to play. Disadvantages: The host is larger than ps4, heavier, not easy to carry, the performance is worse than ps4, and there is no mysterious sea series. If you say, performance is everything! ps4 is your best choice! Want to play comfortably? Act low-key? Go buy an Xbox!