PS4 Guide(2020)


1. Version difference

There are mainly three PlayStation 4 versions:
Old version: 11 and 12 two different versions. After the Slim and Pro models were released, the old PS4 has been gradually withdrawn from the market.
Slim version: Main featue is light and thin.There is not much change in performance, castration of an optical fiber audio interface, the appearance is more round and small, through the internal motherboard chip design reduction, optimization, the power consumption of the whole machine has been reduced.
Pro version: featured performance. CPU performance increased by 30%, GPU performance increased by 228%, and memory performance increased by 24%. The game runs more smoothly, providing a higher and more stable frame count, as well as 4K hd picture output and support for HDR playback.

From the specific parameter comparison, it can also be seen that the Pro version is larger and heavier than the Slim version, the hard disk capacity, the device power consumption is greater, more than a USB port, an optical fiber digital output port.

In terms of performance, the Pro version has obvious advantages. The graphics card is nearly 2.3 times more powerful than the Slim, and the game is faster to read. It also has a 2TB hard drive, supports HDMI 2.0 4K output, and features HDR gaming.

The Slim version can support HDR playback with a software upgrade, but the game won't, nor does it support 4K video streaming. While both ps4s support PS VR, the more powerful PS4 Pro has better frame rates and picture details.

Many games also have screen or frame rate optimized versions for the PS4 Pro.