PS4 - PCM or Bitstream - Receiver


Hi, I've searched for this and it seems to be people asking who don't have an AV receiver.
What is the best option on the PS4, PCM or Bitstream. Now most games say DD so why should I not set it to bitstream and let my receiver do the work like its intended too?
Anyone with knowledge on this able to help?
If it helps, all is connected via HDMI.


PCM is using uncompressed audio it's the highest quality that the PS4 can output and that your receiver is capable of handling, best if your receiver is capable of audio like DTS Master, Dolby Tru.

Bitstream is using some compression so it's lesser quality, fine if your receiver is only capable of using standard Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 signals, or you're using a Soundbar.