PS4 Pro CE 36329-3 Error Occurred, How to Fix It? Updated 2021


Hey guys,

I need some help 2 months ago i bought a new PS4 Pro its the latest SKU but im having some issues
Every now and then i get an error when it happens im usually browsing the web or ps store when it shows up its also somewhat rare but in 2 months ive had it i had this error maybe 4 -5x total.
The error says ce 36329 3 system software error has occured screens goes black for a second then im back on the dashboard
Things ive tried are initilize/full,rebuild data base,reboot,reinstalled firmware but yet this error still shows up sometimes,Why?
Does anyone else have this issue?
Its a new console,and i cant exchange it cause its been 2months,is it defected? Or is it on Sony end?
Idk what to do.


If your gaming is working fine, then I'd say that this is nothing to worry about. My first PS4 had a fault with its HDD and that would crash gaming, so your hardware would appear intact.

The PS4's internet browser is notoriously rough. It's there as a hangover from the PS3, and shouldn't really be used as a functional way to access the web. Even with a PS4 Pro, opening two or three tabs can crash it. The best advice I can give you is to clear all of your history and cookies, manually close it all down, reboot your console and avoid using it in future.