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PS5 can support native 4K 60fps according to developers

Leonord D

Recently, there are rumors that PS5 cannot reach 4K 60fps game screen, but in a recent interview with the development team Teamkill, they confirmed that PS5 will undoubtedly be able to easily reach 4K 60fps. So where does the worry about the PS5 picture come from? This rumor originally came from some "insiders", saying that it is difficult for the PS5 to reach 4K resolution.

Teamkill, the development team of Quantum Error, recently clarified on Twitter. Some players questioned that their game could not achieve 4K 30fps before optimization, and they challenged this statement. According to Teamkill Studio, Quantum Error can reach 4K 70fps in the current unoptimized state. They are not worried about whether the game will reach 60fps when it is finally released.

PS5 can support native 4K 60fps according to developers

PS5 is expected to be on sale at Christmas 2020. Although the specific date has not yet been announced, only 4 months left, I hope the PS5 won't be disappointing before launch.