PS5 Game "Ghostwire: Tokyo" is expected to land on Xbox Game Pass this March

The latest news is that the PS5 exclusive game Ghostwire Tokyo will be available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this March.

ghostwire tokyo.jpeg

This isn't the first PlayStation exclusive to enter Xbox Game Pass, it's just less likely to happen. MLB The Show, for example, is a game that MLB asked PlayStation to bring to Xbox Game Pass by making the series multi-platform.

Phantom Thread: Tokyo's 1-year PlayStation exclusivity deal expires on March 25 of this year, so the game will most likely be added to Xbox Game Pass. This has happened before with Deathloop.

The background of the game "Ghost Line: Tokyo" is based on a world where everyone suddenly disappears, and it seems that the game has a mysterious force that makes the world appear to change, and a mysterious character appears, the specific gameplay and release date of the game is still unknown.