PS5 VRR variable refresh rate screen problem


When Sony released the PS5, VRR variable refresh rate technology was one of the key technologies to promote. Sony claims that the technology can dynamically adjust the refresh rate of the display, so that it is always the same as the frame rate output by the GPU, reducing screen tearing, screen repetition and other problems.

PS5 VRR variable refresh rate screen problem.png

However, according to the actual feedback from players, after turning on VRR, the display screen often has problems of flickering or screen sticking, and even Sony's own new high-end gaming monitor INZONE M9 is not immune.

In addition, some players said that after the VRR function is turned on and the above problems occur, even if the user ends the game, restarts the monitor, or even formats the OSD of the monitor, the problem of screen tearing and sticking cannot be solved. Only after a period of time after VRR is turned off , the display can return to normal.

At present, no user's monitor has an irreversible display problem due to VRR, but for safety reasons, it is best not to turn on this function until Sony fixes the problem.


Since its launch nearly two years ago, variable rate refresh has been one of the most popular features on PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, lately there have always been problems.