QD-OLED vs. LCD vs. OLED vs QLED Pros and Cons



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There are several types of display technologies for TVs: LCD/LED, OLED, QLED, MicroLED, QD-OLED and so on. Currently the most common is LCD TV and OLED TV. And OLED whether it is a display, cell phone, or TV are widely used, including the new Nintendo game handheld also uses the OLED screen. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these display technologies?

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See the difference and more explanations here: QD-OLED vs. LCD vs. QLED vs. OLED


1. LCD: cheap, long development time technology has matured, fewer problems, easy maintenance, long life.

2. QLED: wider color gamut, richer colors.

3. OLED: self-luminous, good contrast, better screen display, vivid and natural colors, thin and light, no light leakage.

4. QD-OLED: display response time, viewing angle and screen reflection time are improved, higher brightness, and can present better HDR effect.


1. LCD: Due to the existence of the backlight layer of the LCD screen, some gaps will inevitably appear, a situation we call light leakage.

2. QLED: lack of black field performance, slow refresh rate and response time, small viewing angle, lower cost than OLED, longer life than OLED.

3. OLED: high cost, will have aging problems, aging will lead to a reduction in brightness if the local area aging will appear we often say burn screen situation, as well as the possibility of image residual problems.

4. QD-OLED: long life, plus is a new technology has yet to be verified.

These 4 TV display technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, which technology will win consumer favor in the future? Let's wait and see.