RANKED TOP 5 Netflix TV series in America (update 2020)


Since Netflix's debut, it has shown a different temperament than other homes. It often releases the entire episode in one breath. Compared with the weekly one mode, it is not too cool to chase it. Moreover, Netflix often produces some dramas that will make your eyes shine, such as the five dramas that I will talk about today

Strange Story

Stranger Things

Nostalgia. The fusion of classic elements from the 1980s is one of the reasons for the popularity of Weird Story.

But there are also disadvantages, and it will be a little unfriendly to fans who don't have a lot of filming. The tribute screen that everyone finds very interesting, you may look at it with a look of embarrassment, you can't fully feel that feeling.

According to incomplete statistics, movies that pay tribute to Strange Story include:

The monster came out of the wall-"Meng Gui Street".


The dust texture of a different world-"Silent Hill".


Dozens of "Blade Warrior", "Resident Evil" and "Back to the Future" ...

The plot is also true.

A seemingly peaceful town, an upright sheriff, a government organization with a conspiracy, a secret experiment with hidden murder, secret agents in long trench coats ...

The whole process of watching the drama is almost the same as everyone looking for faults, and there are surprises everywhere.

It has been renewed to the fourth season and is expected to start broadcasting next year ...

Whether it is domestic or foreign, it is a mess of fire.

The Banknote House

La casa de papel

Spanish suspense thriller with Netflix.

Compared to movies, TV shows are more dominant in length. The screenwriter has more time to dig and fill the pit, and the details and clues will be handled more attractively.

"Banknote House" is such a story full of routines and anti-routines.

Its setting is very bold, the protagonist is a group of robbers.

Its story is crazy. The robbers of other people are directly robbing money, but they are directly robbing the money printing factory, and then printing money by themselves.

Crazy enough?

This group of people, without any information, are only called by codenames, and they all possess unique skills.

The excellent plot setting of The Banknote House made it a great success as soon as it was broadcast, setting a record for Netflix's most played non-English drama.

"Our Planet"

Our Planet

If you don't pay attention, you will definitely think this is a "BBC produced" documentary, right?

In the impression, this is indeed the case.

Netflix has made many documentaries, but the theme of nature ... If the dean remembers correctly, this is the first time to watch.

After all, the "Earth Movie Series" filmed by the BBC is too impressive!

More than 94% of the beautiful "Pulsating Earth" gave a perfect score.

Take a screenshot of "Blue Planet 2" with cramps, and every frame I want to use as a screensaver.


And "Frozen Planet", "Human Planet" and "Life" ...

Each one can be regarded as "the work of heaven", and the nature under the lens can make you cry in minutes.


Seriously, it ’s really a pity if you have n’t entered any of the above mentioned pits.

If you want to keep an eye on it, find a time to see it, and you won't be disappointed.

The whole family can watch together.

"Colored Glasses"

When They See Us

The subject of crime is another film and television work based on real events.

The series was adapted from a notorious case of racial inequality in American history. Five 14-16 year olds were wrongly convicted of rape.

It took them 25 years to get a fair return, and the government compensated them for a total of US $ 41 million in wrongful compensation.

The case is actually not difficult to investigate, the disgusting people involved in the case were ...

Even in the end, they did not admit their mistakes.

By the way, after the drama hit, the local government compensated them millions of dollars ...


Campus youth drama, quite dog blood.

Although there are many roles and complicated relationships, fortunately, the plot arrangement is more reasonable.

Of course, this is not the main thing.

The important thing is that it has "spots"! The face value is still high ...
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