Reasons for uneven brightness of projector


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Projector users will find the phenomenon of uneven brightness of the projector. The brightness in the middle of the projection screen is higher, while the brightness around the screen will be lower. Here we share what the reasons and solutions are for the uneven brightness of the projector.

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Reasons and solutions to projector brightness uneven​

1. The projection distance is too far to cause the picture around the brightness is low

If the distance between the projector and the projected screen is far, then the light source energy projected in the projector will have a greater loss in the transmission process, and the brightness will naturally be reduced to reach the screen.

Solution: Deploy the projector to the right distance to ensure that the light source energy can be effectively projected on the screen.

2. Strong ambient light affects the brightness of the projector​

Some low brightness projectors have a picture that is almost unwatchable in the case of strong ambient light. So, if the ambient light is strong it will also affect the uniformity of the projector's brightness.

Solution: Try to make the projector work in a scene with weak ambient light.

3. The projector's internal light machine is dusty​

The light source of the projector has a length of use. Most projectors have a light source length of 20,000 hours, but there is no guarantee that the brightness value of the light source will be constant at a fixed value within 20,000 hours. The longer the projector is used, the lower the projected brightness will become. Of course, there will also be a light machine affected by dust, thus weakening the light source of the projector.

Solution: Replace the light source of the projector and clean the dust inside the projector.

These are the three reasons and solutions for the uneven brightness of the projector, I hope they can help you.