Regret buying a projector? Are smart projectors worth buying?

As projectors gradually enter people's daily lives, more and more consumers have become interested in smart projectors . After all, in terms of appearance and ease of use, smart projectors are more suitable for today's young consumers. But there are many conservatives who think that smart projectors are just toys. Come talk today, why is the smart projector worth starting?

Dangbei Projector:No Regret buying a projector

It can be said that this step of smart projectors is like a leap from traditional TV sets to current smart TVs. The rich and diverse functions make it easy for people to get started and greatly reduce the projection. Threshold for the use of the instrument.
Casting function
As a player, the traditional projector cannot be the carrier of the content, but only the player of the content. Therefore, when using some functions such as screen projection, it is necessary to connect another screen projector to use. The smart projection can use the screen projection function directly through the smart system because it has its own system.

The wireless projection screen can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Recently, children have Internet lessons at home, and use their mobile phones and tablets to watch the lessons. The screen is small and the damage is also great. eye. Of course, adults watching videos can also use one-click wireless screen projection, and sometimes even use mobile phones to process documents can also be projected on the projector, and even video conferencing can also be used.

different ways to play
The large screen effect of the projector is the pursuit of many people. Presumably everyone will see a lot of net red photos on the Internet and the projector will appear. Holding the happy water of the fat house at home on the weekend and using the projector to brush the play, this is the correct way to open the holiday. What's more interesting is that the screen projected by the projector can be used as a background wall to take pictures. INS-style net red photos are instantly displayed. You don't have to worry about there is no photo in your mobile phone when you are at home.

As mentioned before, many people's perception of the projector needs to change, and we need to recognize projectors equipped with intelligent operating systems. The projector has a built-in operating system, and comes with film and television resources. There is no need to download resources from the Internet, and many online players with high usage rates on mobile phones have TV versions, such as Tencent Video, iQiyi and Youku. Bay Market download App installed directly on the projector, film and television resources will be more abundant.
At the same time, the intelligent projector also has the function of AI intelligent far-field voice, directly dictating the command to wake up the projector, play the movie you want to watch, and the music you want to listen to. Intelligent voice also provides a new way of educational interaction, such as Dangbei projection built-in Dangbei literacy app, children can directly dictate the answer to the question, with a better quality teaching effect.

to sum up
In short, the projector is suitable for home use, and the smart projector is definitely more suitable for home use. If you ask me not to regret it after buying the projector, the answer is definitely not. If you want to experience the enjoyment of watching movies on a large screen at home, then the smart projector must be your best choice.
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When the Bay F1C has a high price-performance ratio in the same price range, especially the non-sensing autofocus is very good