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Resident Evil 8 will perform better on Xbox Series X than PS5?


The next-generation game consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X sold at the end of the year will undoubtedly have their own exclusive game works, and the performance gap may make those cross-platform games from third-party developers look different. According to reports, PS5 is weaker than its rival Xbox Series X in cross-platform game performance.

Dusk Golem, who often broke the news about the CAPCOM Resident Evil series and Silent Hill series, mentioned that the price of Xbox Series X will be lower than that of PS5, and the performance of multi-platform games will be better than PS5.


Dusk Golem believes that Xbox Series X has stronger native performance than PS5, and Microsoft is also prepared to make sacrifices in pricing to make profits from XGP. In addition, he also heard that PS5 is very friendly to exclusive first-party games, but for multi-platform games, the advantages of its high-speed SSD are helpful, but not sufficient.

According to the news he received, PS5 is still working hard to reach 1080P@60FPS, and this problem will not appear in Xbox Series X.

Dusk Golem showed that the poor performance of Resident Evil 8 on PS5 and the poor frame rate in the trailer reflect the situation of the game on PS5 a few months ago. This game runs perfectly on Xbox Series X, but they have encountered some problems with the frame rate stability on PS5 (because Sony has requirements for the video displayed at the press conference, which led to the strange in the trailer frame rate). However, since it runs in the RE engine, CAPCOM will do more optimization in the future.

According to his prediction, the PS5 version of Resident Evil 8 will be 1080P@60FPS at the initial launch, while the Xbox Series X version will be 4K@60FPS.