Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable


75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C features

1. HDR support, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision
2. Sound effects, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and DTS (this accident)
3, video playback, 4K, 1080P, 720P video playback effect
4. Live broadcast APP, TV player, lightning super clear live broadcast
5. Dynamic compensation MEMC
6. HDMI delay test

Dolby Vision
Support Dolby Vision have long heard of the TV, but when testing or discovered accidentally, the figure of the below test Dolby Vision, pay attention to the upper right corner, incredibly opens the Dolby Vision + dolby panoramic sound, this is a high-end TV some configuration, refer to SONY's slogan: Dolby Vision. Panoramic sound with theater to enjoy. "For those who have doubts about the TV's support for dolby vision, you can rest assured that as long as you have the resources, you can enjoy a higher quality of audiovisual effects.

Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable
Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable

In addition, at the time of testing HDR10 found that intelligent system at with the player can open HDR10 and dolby vision effect, if use third party player is unable to open, and play the video card, and showed that the effects are not obvious, the following figure is the effect of small white test HDR video player, dark color, so you want to see better HDR effect, please use system comes player, effect is great.


Dolby sound, panorama sound, DTS these also only high-end TV will be equipped with sound effects, Toshiba 75U6900 is also all support within the price of 75 inch invincible? Toshiba 75U6900C use continued review, really conscience manufacturers.

Dolby Audio
Can provide users with up to 7.1 channels of surround sound

Video test

Before buying a TV, I mainly watch movies of 1080P. Since I bought Toshiba 75U6900C, I found 4K is really delicious! Resource is a bit less, but look for still can find 75 inches inside price invincible hand? Toshiba 75U6900C use continued comments as for the broadcast effect of course is 4K > 1080P > 720P75 inch within the price invincible? Toshiba 75U6900C use continued reviews (no nonsense), it is recommended to watch movies of 1080P and above.

4k film
The effect shows outstanding, exquisite, watching distance, can be very close to the TV very close, you can even move a small bench next to the TV! Below is the original captain marvel movie

Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable

Motion compensation MEMC
This part of the game players and have to watch the demand will be more concerned, so find a football game video to everyone to see the effect!

Motion compensation off
As you can see, the football is obviously a little bit more ambiguous.

Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable

Can see, after compensation, the football is clearly clear!

Review: 75 inch Toshiba 75U6900C is unstoppable

HDMI delay test

The last part, is also the game player more concerned about the part, Toshiba 75U6900C delay after all is how many 75 inches within the price of invincible hand? Toshiba 75U6900C used to continue the review, after the final setup and testing, in the open HDMI2.0, the use of HDMI2.0 cable, in the resolution of 3840 * 2160 30HZ configuration, the video mode delay between about 172-215; Desktop mode is somewhere between 42 and 44; Since there is no game mode on this TV, you are advised to use desktop mode if you have game requirements! Looking forward to adding game mode when the system is updated!


After testing, the Toshiba 75U6900C is without a doubt perfect, 160 smart backlight partition, 90% wide color gambit, HDR10 & Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos&DTS, 120HZ refresh rate, MEMC dynamic compensation, all the high-end TVS at this price should have except for the picture quality chip