sony Review: Sony 75-Inch Z8H is Your Home Theater


Recently, Sony finally launched a new TV series in 2020. It is worth noting that in this new product series, Sony not only brings a more luxurious configuration, but also launches new products that focus on different usage preferences according to the different needs of consumers for TVs. The newly unveiled 8K LCD TV Z8H is a "great meal" prepared by Sony for film and television enthusiasts.

Sony's new 8K TV Z8H, with 8K resolution, is also equipped with Sony's exclusive X1 chip customized for 8K, multiple screen control black technologies, and magic frame sound field speakers that can make the frame vibrate and sound We were drooling.

Sony 75-Inch Z8H

In terms of design, SONY Z8H adopts the design style of narrow border, thin and simple, beautiful and magnificent, and the precision workmanship of tight seam makes the whole machine more noble. At the start of the machine, the border appears to disappear, leaving only a 75-inch screen with a stunning visual impact.

It is worth noting that in addition to the 75-inch specification in this review, the Z8H also has an 85-inch specification. If you want to experience the 8K effect on a larger screen, you can also choose the 85-inch version for a stunning visual impact.

Back of Sony 75-Inch Z8H

The large-area grille design of the Z8H backplane takes into account both practicality and design sense, which can improve the strength of the casing and improve the stability of the sound.It can also allow the heat of the TV to be better released through the checkered pores to avoid overheating of the fuselage. Phenomenon occurs, and at the same time, the back panel can also cover all the interface parts, so that the fuselage maintains a seamless aesthetic.

The weight of the Z8H stand-alone is 105.6 pound. For the reliability of the TV placement, the TV uses a full metal support base and the back is screwed to fix it. The overall stability is very good.

Back of Sony 75-Inch Z8H

At the same time, Sony also provides two base placement methods. When the user's visual attention is focused on the screen, the base placed in the corner position will automatically "invisible", with a narrow border to achieve an excellent immersion effect. In addition, taking care of TV cabinets that are not long enough, Z8H also provides a way to place the base in the center.

The back of the Z8H provides a rich and comprehensive interface expansion. In addition to conventional interfaces such as coaxial, optical fiber, USB, etc., the HDMI 2.1 standard interface is also added. HDMI 2.1 is a new interface standard. Compared with the previous generation HDMI 2.0 interface, it can expand the bandwidth to 48 Gbps, display 4K images at 120 Hz or 8K images at 60 Hz. With the emergence of more and more high-refresh rate and high-resolution content, TVs equipped with HDMI 2.1 interface will bring better audio-visual experience to the audience.



The resolution of the 8K panel is 7680x4320, and the pixels of the panel exceed 33 million, which is 4 times that of the 4K panel. Therefore, the 8K panel has a natural advantage in the display fineness. Especially on the 75-inch large-size panel, the realistic visual effect of 8K UHD resolution will be more obvious.

First let us experience the shocking effect of the Z8H picture quality chip. The 8K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship equipped with Z8H is arguably Sony's strongest picture quality chip at present, and it can completely serve 8K TV in terms of training ability. This chip can optimize different objects in the picture, enrich the details of the picture, and further display the display capabilities of the 8K panel.

Sony Z8H image mode is set to Photo

Sony Z8H image mode is set to "Photo"

Sony Z8H image mode is set to Vivid

Sony Z8H image mode is set to "Vivid"​

Whether it is an 8K static picture or a 4K dynamic video, it can be seen from the actual shooting effect that the Sony Z8H can restore the content very well. The metal texture on the right side of the wheel is very real, and the details remain clear after zooming in; the deer's hair is countable, and the light reflected by the pupils also brings the picture to life.

The image processing chip allows Z8H's various image quality optimization technologies to reach higher standards. This is just a small test. Let's use a set of comparisons to fully appreciate the power of Z8H.


As a new generation of 8K TV products of Sony Z series, the performance of Sony Z8H can be described as impeccable.Whether it is from the aspects of panel quality, screen display effect, internal software tuning, sound, intelligence, etc., consumers can do it Absolutely satisfied, the addition of HDMI 2.1 also opened the door to the 8K experience from the transmission channel. Taking advantage of its own technological advantages accumulated in the 8K industry chain for many years, Sony has presented excellent audio and video effects in the Z8H, which can satisfy the discerning "taste" of audio-visual lovers of audio-visual experience.

If you have to pick the shortcomings, I personally think that it is still the Z8H remote control. Although the design of a lot of buttons is simplified than before, for daily use, the current remote control can be simplified.

In general, Z8H is Sony's ambition for 8K. Its powerful hard power and differentiated functional positioning can meet the pursuit of 8K TV by many film and television enthusiasts, and also allow us to have Sony's future actions in the 8K field. New expectations.