Samsung BU8000 Crystal UHD 2022 TV Review


Samsung has launched the BU8000 Crystal UHD series in Europe and the US in 2022. Let's see how the Samsung BU8000 review goes.

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1. Samsung BU8000 Review Appearance​

Samsung BU8000 is a minimalist style with a slim TV design that blends perfectly with your home. It's a near-bezel-less TV, and its versatile TV stand makes it flexible enough to work with your home setup.

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2. Samsung BU8000 Review Image​

Samsung BU8000 has great image processing power as it has Crystal Processor 4K with HDR10+ support, you can easily play and enjoy all your favorite content with 4K upgrade TV that can be adapted to provide you with the best 4K Ultra HD picture.

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3. Samsung BU8000 Review System​

The Samsung BU8000 is powered by Tizen, so you can easily enjoy popular streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, BBC iPlayer and more with this smart TV. Best of all, the Samsung BU8000 offers an easy-to-use Smart Hub platform, so you can spend less time searching and more time watching your favorite content.

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4. Samsung BU8000 Review Sound​

The Samsung BU8000 offers virtual 3D surround sound that follows the action. Object Tracking Sound LITE uses Al and the TV's bottom speakers to simulate overhead sound. With Adaptive Sound, you get the perfect audio experience no matter what you're watching.

Samsung BU8000 Review Sound.jpg

5. Samsung BU8000 Review Games​

The Samsung BU8000 uses Motion Xcelerator, its crisp motion rate algorithm that predicts and automatically compensates for frames, so you can experience crisp graphics and smooth performance in games. But I think its 60Hz refresh rate is at a disadvantage when competing with other TVs.

Samsung BU8000 Review game.jpg

6. Samsung BU8000 Review Connectivity​

The Samsung BU8000's connectivity options include three HDMI 2.0 inputs, two USB 2.0 ports, a LAN port, optical audio output, satellite input, and CI+ 1.4/RS232C input. You can easily connect it to Bluetooth, wifi, or cast your phone to the Samsung BU8000.

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7. Samsung BU8000 Review Summary​

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The Samsung BU8000 series use Edge LED backlighting for 4K Crystal UHD displays, all models are based on the Crystal processor 4K, and run on Tizen 6.5. Some of the most notable features include Ambient Mode, Brightness Detection, Contrast Enhancer, Dynamic Crystal Color, Motion Accelerator, and Ultra HD Dimming. Overall, Samsung BU8000 is a great performing and cost-effective new 2022 Samsung TV.

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Samsung BU8000 Specifications:​

Model NameSamsung BU8000
Available Size43'50'55'60'65'70'75'85'
Product TypeLED
Picture EngineCrystal Processor 4K
Reflash rate50/60Hz
ColorDynamic Crystal Color
Operating SystemTizen6.5
AssitantGoogle Assistant
Streaming PlatformNetflix、Disney+、Apple TV、BBC iPlayer, BT Sport
Web BrowserYES


The 2022 Samsung BU8000 / BU8005 / BU8075 / BU8079 series in Europe:

●Samsung UE85BU8000 EUR 2,499
●Samsung UE75BU8000 EUR 1 ,599
●Samsung UE70BU8000 EUR 1,399
●Samsung UE65BU8000 EUR 1,199
●Samsung UE60BU8000 EUR 999
●Samsung. UE55BU8000 EUR 899
●Samsung UE50BU8000 EUR 799
●Samsung UE43BU8000 EUR 649


The 2022 Samsung BU8000 series for the USA( Price is not specific available yet)
●Samsung UN85BU8000
●Samsung UN75BU8000
●Samsung UN70BU8000
●Samsung UN65BU8000
●Samsung UN60BU8000
●Samsung UN55BU8000
●Samsung UN50BU8000
●Samsung UN43BU8000


Im using this tv in a small lounge room so I can have my Q8 QLED 55 in the bedroom. At first glance, the colours are very vibrant, it has a very clear picture with good motion. However, dont expect much from the blacks. The IOS does tend to lag and I cant seem to work out how to add apps to the main screen which is frustrating if you're planning on watching "funimation" or something that's not on the immediate menu. Overall though the tv is really good quality for the price, you get what you paid for and i feel its probably the safer option for the cheaper 4K tvs


There is nothing wrong with this Samsung BU8000 to watch movies, but it lacks the local dimming function, so the black level is not very good. And it's very low brightness, so I use it in the bedroom.

But in a brighter living room or during the day, I tend to use the 4K projector I just bought, the Dangbei Mars Pro. The brightness of this projector is a pleasant surprise, especially since our family loves watching movies, and this projector can put in 150" (or even bigger). So it's more amazing than my 55" TV.

dangbei mars pro.jpg

The Samsung BU8000 is good at watching movies, but in very dark scenes (like Harry Potter) I have a hard time seeing the picture. The Dangbei Mars Pro does well at this point. And this laser projector has an eye protection function, I think those families with children should consider the projector more than the TV. (The diffuse reflection of the projector will be less harmful to the eyes)