Samsung Music Frame: The Fusion of Art and Audio


Samsung has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of audio technology with the launch of the Music Frame art speaker, which has recently become available for purchase in South Korea. While the official price was not disclosed during its debut at the 2024 Samsung home appliance event, the Music Frame is now retailing for 599,000 Korean won, approximately USD 444.

Samsung Music Frame.jpg

The model, known as LS60D, boasts an impressive 120W power output and offers seamless compatibility with Samsung TVs and soundbars for synchronized sound delivery. What sets it apart is its support for Apple's "AirPlay" feature, enabling users to wirelessly connect to the Music Frame art speaker with a simple tap on their Apple device.

Featuring six speakers, including two each for high, mid, and low frequencies, the Music Frame has been meticulously tuned by Samsung's audio labs to deliver premium sound quality, enhanced by Dolby Atmos support. Connectivity options abound, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Alexa Connect, and Spotify Connect all on board. Additionally, the international version offers compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In terms of design, the Music Frame sports a frame-like aesthetic, allowing users to customize the panels according to their preferences. Whether it's choosing from preset panel styles or displaying personal artwork and photos, users have the freedom to tailor the speaker to their artistic tastes.

In conclusion, the Samsung Music Frame art speaker not only elevates the auditory experience with its powerful sound output and advanced features but also adds a touch of artistic flair to any space, making it a versatile and appealing addition to any home entertainment setup.


This Samsung Music Frame sounds like a cool concept! Blending artwork with a sound system for a living room is an interesting idea. Curious to see the image quality and how customizable the art selection is.


Debating between the Music Frame and a soundbar for my living room. The Music Frame looks great, but a soundbar might offer better sound quality for movies and TV shows. Does anyone have experience with both?


The Music Frame seems like a space-saving solution for apartments or smaller living areas. It combines art and sound into one unit, which is appealing. User reviews would be helpful to see how it performs in real life.