Samsung QN95B vs QN90B: what's different?


Samsung QN95B and Samsung QN90B are both new TVs for 2022 and they both have excellent performance. Because they are miniLED TVs with Tizen 7.0 system and Neural Quantum Processor 4K, HDMI 2.1 and 144Hz support.
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Model NameSamsung QN95BSamsung QN90B
Available Size55'65'75'85(Europe)43'(UK)50'55'65'75'85'(USA)
Display techLCDLCD
Backlight typeminiLED FALDminiLED FALD
Reflash rate144Hz144Hz
ProcessorNeural Quantum Processor 4KNeo Quantum Processor 4K
Speaker4.2.2 70W4.2.2 60W
Dolby AtmosYESYES
TV platformTizen7.0Tizen7.0
AssitantBixby, G-Assistant, AlexaBixby, G-Assistant, Alexa
Special FeatureUltra Wide Angle
One Connect
Object Tracking Sound Plus
Ultra Wide Angle
Object Tracking Sound Plus

The difference is that the Samsung QN95B has 70W speakers but the Samsung QN90B is 60W. Most importantly, the Samsung QN95B is currently only available in Europe. It will be online in the US in May this year if it goes well. And Samsung QN90B can be obtained in Europe and the United States. In addition, the UK can also buy 43inch Samsung QN90B, while Samsung QN95B does not have this model.
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Too expensive
It is true that now the TV technology is getting higher and better picture quality, but it's just too expensive! Especially when you want to buy a larger size TV, you will be discouraged after seeing the price.

I think people who are looking for absolute high picture quality should either buy a smaller size TV.

dangbei mars pro vs tv.jpg

But I prefer to get a projector with a larger screen size for a cheaper price. I don't buy projectors with excessive expectations of picture quality, but I was surprised by the picture on the Dangbei Mars Pro. In the bedroom, there is little difference between a projector and a TV, and the TV may be better when the size is small. But when in the living room and big size screen, you can see the Dangbei Mars Pro's 3200 ANSI lumens at work.