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Samsung Samsung QX2 TV review: perfect TV for gamers


Is it really your technology to be bad at games? The answer is no! Even if you have a good operation and a fast reaction, you can't beat the slow picture and high latency. You need a real gaming TV to get the most out of you, and the Samsung QX2 is just such a perfect TV for gamers.


High refresh rate and low latency keep you one step ahead.

When it comes to games, the most significant impact on the experience of a display device is the refresh rate and input lag. In addition to allowing us to feel more fluid motion pictures, high refresh rate also enables us to master more detailed information in the strenuous motion of the game screen, which is constantly changing. And the low input delay, can make the handle more hands, more spontaneous operation. For these game features, Samsung QX2 game TV uses 4K 120Hz high brush panel, with full blood HDMI2.1 interface, for the large console game screen protection.


Samsung QX2 TV features AMD certified Freesync Premium technology, an innovative AMD technology that supports mandatory low frame rate compensation (LFC) and refresh rates of at least 120 Hz at full HD resolution. Greatly reduces input latency, effectively reducing the lag, splashes, and tears that occur when playing games and videos.


The low frame rate compensation function will start when the game picture refresh rate is lower than the minimum TV refresh rate. By displaying the game picture frame for many times, the game picture matches the TV refresh rate range, eliminating the picture tear, so that the game picture always maintains smooth.


Thanks to the latest HDMI2,1 ports, Samsung QX2 also supports Automatic Low Latency mode (ALLM), which automatically optimizes the screen and reduces input latency to as low as 5.8ms, improving handling and keeping you one step ahead.
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HDR10+, bring you the best game experience

Samsung QX2 game TV also supports HDR 10+ high dynamic decoding technology, which can adjust the relevant color and brightness information according to the real-time scene of the picture, making the details of the bright area and dark area richer, accurately restore the real game scene, so that you feel like you are in the game world.


Samsung's QX2 game TV also has a number of optimizations for the graphical experience of games. The dynamic Black Equalizer, for example, adjusts the brightness level of the scene, making it easy to spot hidden enemies


In addition, Samsung's QX2 also supports a wide range of viewing angles, offering 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 graphics ratios, especially in FPS games, allowing you to have a wide range of viewing angles. At the same time, you can also switch the game mode to call the game's exclusive menu bar, free to set screen proportion, refresh rate, input lag check and other state parameters, fast and convenient.



Excellent picture quality and sound quality, bring an excellent sense of presence

In addition to these features that enhance the gaming experience, Samsung QX2 TV is also unambiguous when it comes to picture and sound quality. The Samsung QX2 uses innovative dual-light LED backlight technology to provide more accurate and clear contrast and graphics by optimizing the backlight tone to match the type of content being viewed. Meanwhile, With the help of quantum dot technology, Samsung QX2 achieves bright and wonderful picture quality performance and presents the most realistic image color.


The Samsung QX2 also packs a quantum dot 4K processor. The processor is capable of 4K AI image enhancement, by automatically analyzing input source files, reducing image noise, repairing lost details, and optimizing low-resolution signal sources into 4K level or near 4K level resolution performance.



With the Quantum dot 4K processor, Samsung QX2 TV can also realize the tracking effect of sound and picture, so that the sound can track the main body of the picture in real time, and automatically realize the synchronization of sound and picture, so that the movie viewing has a more sense of presence. At the same time, it can also realize the intelligent voice control AVA function, intelligently recognize the noise in the home, automatically amplify the TV sound, and provide you with clear sound quality effect at all times.