Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K TV Comparison Review

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This article will compare Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K TVs.

Although Sony has not yet disclosed the configuration of its new products this year, its OLED models from previous years have also been used to compare with Samsung's new products this year. Samsung 2023 launched Samsung S95C like a rival attack, let's see what the difference is between it and Sony A90K OLED.

See the comparison of Samsung S95C vs Sony A95K TVs.

Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K: Picture Quality​

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The S95C OLED is Samsung's second foray into the QD-OLED space and offers improved performance and brightness compared to its predecessors. The second generation of QD-OLED offers better peak brightness (said to be up to 2,000 nits), as well as greater efficiency.

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While providing the excellent contrast that OLED panels have, Samsung S95C also delivers excellent highlights. At the same time, the S95C's colors are excellent, delivering rich hues and realism. The TV comes with Samsung's latest Neural Quantum processor 4K, which improves image quality with AI-assisted perceptual color mapping. Samsung S95C supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, presenting a very satisfactory picture quality.

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The Sony A90K has excellent picture quality, with sharp images and rich, vivid colors. The addition of the XR OLED Contrast Pro technology results in excellent dynamic contrast on the screen, which is supported by a combination of cognitive processors, light sensors, and thermal mapping technology. Powered by SONY's Cognitive Processor XR, the A90K is designed to mimic the way the human eye naturally focuses, detecting where the right focus is in different areas. Divide the screen into smaller, different areas, and then precisely upgrade the quality of the image.

The TV supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. You can get great 4K Dolby Vision content if you choose Dolby Vision Bright Mode.

Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K: Sound​

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The S95C has a built-in 4.2.2 70W speaker system with Dolby Atmos speakers at the top for a great sound experience.

A90K 2.1 25W Acoustic Surface Audio+ uses the vibrating screen to generate a sound actuator, sound, and image can be perfectly combined.

If you're looking for superior sound quality, you're better off connecting your TV to the Soundbar.

Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K: System​

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The S95C runs the latest version of Samsung's Tizen smart platform, which is easy to use and runs smoothly. While UK users may regret the lack of Freeview Play, most major streaming services and channels are available on Tizen. Additionally, the TV will offer Samsung TV Plus, which features multiple streaming channels.

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The Sony A90K is still powered by Google TV, which has a user-friendly interface and clear, easy-to-use navigation menus. There are plenty of streaming services and apps you can download in the Google Play store. The A90K will also come with Bravia Core, SONY's streaming network, and you'll get 24 months of streaming.

Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K: Game Features​

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The S95C's four HDMI ports all comply with the HDMI 2.1 standard and support 4K 120Hz. For gamers, it supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro's eARC, VRR (variable refresh rate), and ALLM (automatic low latency mode). The 144Hz refresh rate will get gamers excited, and it could be one of the best gaming TVS out there.

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If you want to play games with the A90K, it should meet your expectations. Two of the four HDMI ports support 120Hz 4K, variable refresh rate (VRR), and HDMI 2.1 ports in Automatic Low latency mode (ALLM). It can meet the needs of gamers who get the best experience from the Xbox Series X or SONY PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, there is no Dolby Vision game mode. The input lag on the TV is low, but not extremely low, though you may have trouble recognizing the difference.

Samsung S95C vs Sony A90K: Design​

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The 2023 Samsung S95C innovates in design by making the TV's panel thinner and lighter, while also offering a larger QD OLED. Available in 55", 65", and 77" sizes, the S95C can meet the needs of users with large screen sizes.

In addition, the S95C will come with a OneConnect Box, which helps you connect all your inputs to the box, avoiding the clutter caused by redundant cables.

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The Sony A90K TV is available in two sizes, 42" and 48", and is also more compact in terms of design. The panel is thicker than that of the S95C, and the back provides a plastic panel to hide the connections.

The TV comes with a pair of struts that you attach to the bottom of the TV to lift up the panel.