Samsung's first remote control with solar panel, What's the feature?

On April 22, Samsung announced the launch of the SolarCell Remote to reduce the environmental impact of discarding used batteries in anticipation of Earth Day and its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Samsung SolarCell Remote.jpg

Samsung says this is the industry's first remote control with a solar panel that can be recharged in sunlight and indoor lighting scenarios. If there are not enough light conditions, users can also charge it through the USB-C port.

The SolarCell Remote control features the following:

Samsung SolarCell Remote features.jpg

- Low power consumption

- 24% of the plastic used in the SolarCell Remote comes from recycled materials

- 10 million SolarCell Remote controls are produced each year, which equates to 6 tons of recycled waste

- 20% of the SolarCell Remote's bracket material is made from recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets

- The SolarCell Remote's carbon footprint from production to final disposal is about one-third that of the disposable battery manufacturing process