Sea Fever: Irrelative with the Cthulhu Mythos. The giant creature is a giant fluorescent tentacle anemone


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The fantasy creature in the film is not a fluorescent jellyfish, but has numerous tentacles (each tentacle head is opened like a starfish), all the tentacles are connected to a giant body, the body only shows a mouth plate similar to anemone ! So the creature in the film is an undiscovered giant fluorescent tentacle anemone! The cause of death of the protagonists is that they are infected with the parasite carried by the creature, and the mucus that mainly touches the anemone will be infected, and this parasite can survive in fresh water. Some protagonists drink water from the ship. So be infected. It is not yet known whether the parasites carried on the giant fluorescent tentacle anemone belong to their own eggs!

If the creature's limb is injured, it will shed fluid like ink.


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